Summer Career Academy

Image of the Summer Career Academy logo at sunset

The Summer Career Academy is a free, self-paced career development program delivered online through Canvas. The purpose of the program is to help you gain in-demand skills and tackle important career development activities. The program is designed for students engaged in all types of employment—internships, part-time jobs, seasonal jobs, or on-campus jobs—and those who wish to seek employment in the future. Those who complete the program will receive an official Summer Career Academy Certificate of Completion issued by Career and Professional Success.



The Summer Career Academy is comprised of four units. You must complete at least one assignment from each unit. All assignments must be submitted on Canvas no later than Friday, August 27, 2021 at 11:59 pm. Please review the list of units and sample assignments below.

  1. Awareness – The purpose of this unit is to enhance knowledge of yourself and the world of work. Assignment options include researching a profession, drafting a reflection, pr completing a self-assessment and analyzing the results.
  2. Professional Image – Showcasing your skills and experience—that’s what this unit is all about. Assignment options include writing a resume, drafting a cover letter, practicing interview questions, and building a LinkedIn profile.
  3. Skills – This unit is all about skill development. Assignment options include completion of free, online certificate courses related to digital marketing, data analysis and visualization, coding, etc.
  4. Relationships – The purpose of this unit it to connect you with professionals working in your field(s) of interest. Assignment options include conducting an informational interview with a UNH alumn and shadowing a professional in your field of interest.


The Summer Career Academy is self-paced, so you may complete assignments at any point between Monday, May 31 and Friday, August 27, 2021. Complete the program in as little as one week or space it out over 12 weeks—it’s up to you!


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