Recruiting at UNH

Image of University of New Hampshire's Durham campus where you can recruit UNH students!

Thank you for your interest in recruiting at the University of New Hampshire. The Career and Professional Success (CaPS) team is proud to connect UNH undergraduates, graduates, and alumni to their future careers. It is our mission to bring students together with employers by offering a variety of customizable services and resources to meet your hiring needs. Recruit the Wildcat Way through our virtual suite of offerings to engage with our students and build your organization's brand awareness. 

Refer to the Academic/Recruiting calendar and the blackout dates below for the best recruiting days. 

Overview of Recruiting

When you work with CaPS to host a virtual recruiting event you get an entire team on your side to provide you with not only useful insight into our student body but practical support for your events as well.

Take advantage of the Wildcat Way and let us do the work for you! All requests are to be made 3 weeks prior in Handshake to the desired date to ensure successful marketing to students. 

Although the level of support needed may be customized, all recruiting events that are requested through CaPS include:

  • Targeted marketing. We’ve got a direct line, so let us help you reach the student population you’re recruiting.
  • Technical know-how. We can provide the technology platforms needed, as well as the troubleshooting expertise, to guarantee a successful event.
  • Schedule Management. CaPS sends event reminders to registered students on your behalf because we’re all busy these days.
  • Day-of-event support. No need to worry about technical difficulties, our team is available on event day to help both you and the students.
  • Post-event reporting. To help you follow up after your event, CaPS can provide the contact information of the students that engaged with you

Once you submit your virtual event request, you can expect an email from the Career and Professional Success team within 3 business days to confirm and/or further discuss your event details.

Learn about best practices for all recruiting options

Recruitment Options

Interviews (Virtual-Only)

Hire a Wildcat by conducting one-on-one or panel-type interviews with UNH students

In addition to the services list above in the Overview of Recruiting section, by requesting virtual interviews with UNH, CaPS is also here to assist you with the following:

  • Building your interview schedule in Handshake
  • Setting up your technology needs
  • Monitoring your applicant pool
  • Marketing your opportunity to students

Day-of, we will provide you with your interview day packet –complete with your final schedule and student resumes –and are happy to help with any technical troubleshooting or student communication.

Plan to host virtual interviews completely on your own? You can still partner with CaPS! We can help to amplify your efforts and increase your applicant pool. By posting your upcoming interviews in Handshake, your position(s) and connected interviews will be visible to all 14,000+ of our students and promoted on all CaPS social media pages. You can broaden your reach and really boost the word about your opportunity by teaming up with CaPS.

  • Login to your Handshake Account to make a request
  • Follow Handshake’s step-by-step guide for Requesting an Interview and complete the request
  • Please consider the following when filling out your request:
    • Contacts: Please provide the name and contact information for the interviewers from your company. You are able to include staff members even if they don’t have a Handshake profile
      • This information is helpful day-of if any issues or questions arise
    • Interview Schedule Description: Please provide as much information about the setup of your interviews as possible. (i.e., Students will meet with 2 interviewers, back-to-back, for 30 minutes each.)
    • Jobs: Please be aware that once you attach an active job posting to an interview schedule, the job posting expiration date becomes the date of the interviews. If you would like the job posting to stay active, you must duplicate the posting.

Want to manage your virtual interview schedule yourself? Select Room Only when making a request. 

  • A student interview list is required prior to your confirmed interview date.
  • Please email this template, filled out in entirety, to Employer Relations at least 2 days prior to your scheduled interview date. 
    • Unless you have reserved 2 rooms, when filling out this template please refrain from scheduling overlapping interviews
    • We will use the provided contact information to communicate logistics with the students

Browse The Handshake Employer Help Center - Interviews

Information Session 

Connect and engage with UNH students by hosting a 30 to 60-minute information session. Share highlights of your organization, employment opportunities, and/or industry tips that can support career development and knowledge.

Drop-In Hours

Give students the opportunity to "drop-in" to meet with you for a one-on-one conversation around career advice and insight, network, or to answer company-specific questions.


Schedule 10-minute, one-on-one meetings with students for informational or mock interviews, resume review, or Q&A about your organization or industry.

Panel Event

Showcase your organization with panelists and a moderator for a dynamic and highly engaged conversation with a group of students.

For all options above.

Once you submit your virtual event request, you can expect an email from the Career and Professional Success team within 3 business days to confirm and/or further discuss your event details. 


UNH Career Fairs offer employers the opportunity to meet and recruit students 1:1 or in group sessions.

Please visit our CaPS Career Events page for more details on the fairs being hosted this semester.


    1-Minute Support Video

    Promote your organization by sharing a 1-minute video with career tips, upcoming recruiting events/positions, or just some positivity.  It will be viewed directly by UNH students on our public Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts, as well as our Youtube channel. Search @unhcaps to follow.

    1. Film your video

    a. Record on your phone in 1 minute or less (best for social media posting)
    b. Film with your phone in the vertical position (selfie style!) in a quiet and well-lit location
    c. Use the camera on the back of your phone (it films in a higher quality)

    d. Wear branded attire in your video, or with permission, we can add your logo to the video
    e. Customize your message to UNH (for example: include a greeting like "Hello Wildcat Country!" or "Hi UNH students!")
    f. View a quick sample video 

    2. Film your video Submit a CaPS VR Request Form

    a. When you're ready, please upload your video to a shared web storage site (ex. YouTube, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, etc.) and provide the shared link with us by submitting a CaPS VR Request Form.

    Once you submit your 1-minute Support Video, you can expect an email from the Career and Professional Success team within 3 business days to confirm receipt.

    Pre-Recorded Video

    Share your valuable advice and need-to-know tips and tricks with UNH students by submitting a pre-recorded video (any length, up to 60 minutes) for students to view while browsing our CaPS resources on our YouTube channel.

    1. Upload your video to a shared web storage site (ex. YouTube, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, etc.)
    2. Provide the shared link with us by submitting a CaPS VR Request Form.

    Once you submit your Pre-Recorded Video, you can expect an email from the Career and Professional Success team within 3 business days to confirm receipt.

    Best Practices

    • Submit your request at least 3 weeks in advance so that we have the time to market your event to the students.
    • Post all associated job opportunities to Handshake prior to or at the time of requesting your event.
    • Include as much information as possible in the description section of your request in Handshake for students. 
    • Email with any company marketing content and include social media handles so we can get your brand out to students as best as possible.  
    • We cannot guarantee attendance for virtual events or signups for interviews.  
      • If you are new to campus, consider boosting your brand by submitting a 1-minute support video prior to your event/interview date.
    • Suggested days and times: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM  -  see below for blackout dates.

    Recruiting Calendar

    Spring 2022 Recruiting Season

    • Begins February 1 for virtual interviews and virtual events
    • Ends May 6 (the last day to submit a recruiting request is April 15)

    Blackout Dates

    No Virtual Recruiting event or interview requests for these dates will be accepted

    February 15: Resume Review Day
    February 18 - 21: Staff preparations for the Career & Internship Fair
    February 22: UNH Career & Internship Fair
    March 11 - 21: Spring Break