Great work! You made it through all the paperwork, preparation and travel and now you’re abroad. You conquered jetlag, figured out how to get online, and may have already realized that you packed WAY too much. Don't remember all the things we talked about at pre-departure orientation? No worries; here is the elaborate version of the handbook that we gave you.

Here are some of the highlights of the handbook, to keep you in touch with UNH and help with any academic issues:

Address Abroad

Let us know how to reach you while you’re abroad by listing your foreign contact information in the International Travel Registry.


Courses, Credits, Transcripts and Grades

Do you need to get a course approved? Did you forget exactly how the course transfer process works? Not to worry: all the information you need about courses, credits, transcripts and grades can be found here.

Register for Next Semester

In the study abroad registration phase, you and your Academic Advisor determined how to register for next semester; either (s)he will email you your RAC number, or (s)he will register you for the courses you agreed upon prior to departure. Find out all you need to know about registering for classes via Webcat.

Stay Safe and Be Well

We want you to thoroughly enjoy your time abroad, and we want you to return to UNH healthy and safely. Review the UNH health and safety information and work with your program sponsor/host university to ensure your personal health and safety. Remember you are a member of the UNH International Travel Assistance Service and Travel Insurance Program and have access to all its resources and support while on a UNH study abroad program.