Let Curiosity Be Your Compass with National Student Exchange

Since 1988, the University of New Hampshire has been a proud member of the National Student Exchange, a consortium of over 160 colleges and universities in the United States, US territories, and Canada. Through this academic program, UNH students can spend a semester or full year studying away at another member campus, and continue to make progress toward their UNH degree.  After a semester or year on exchange, students return to UNH to complete their remaining degree requirements and graduate on time.

If it is time to expand your curriculum, branch out, explore new interests, study with new faculty, hear different ideas, make new friends, or create new opportunities, then let curiosity be your compass, with the National Student Exchange.

Schedule An Appointment

We are now using a new appointment scheduling system for current UNH students.  To schedule an appointment with the UNH NSE Coordinator:

  1. Go to website myWildcat Success, and login with your UNH username and password
  2. From that student home page, select “Get Advising”
  3. At Advising Category drop down menu, select “University Advising Center” from
  4. At Appointment Type drop down menu, select “Next” than select “Study Away USA”
  5. At Advisor’s Location drop down menu, select “University Advising Center”
  6. For Staff Selection, select or write in “Paula DiNardo,” then click “Next”
  7. Choose the next available appointment time block, then the appointment time that best works for you. Click “Next”
  8. In the comment section, please indicate NSE, then select “Confirm Appointment”

Be sure to review our member campuses at NSE.org before your appointment. 

Find Out More

Visit NSE.org to learn more about our exchange partners.

There are over 100 NSE campuses that are available for Fall '18 & Spring '19 exchanges.  Interested students should schedule a meeting the the UNH NSE Coordinator as soon as possible. 

Don't forget: We are still relocated to 315 Kendall Hall while Hood House is being renovated.  When you arrive for an appointment, please swipe your UNH ID card in room 317.  We hope to be back in Hood House in June. Thank you!


National Student Exchange, UNH Exchange to UC Santa Cruz and the NHCUC State Exchange Program are separate programs, but all are managed by the Study Away USA office. The application process, timeline, and fees the same for all programs.  All UNH exchange policies and eligibility requirements apply.