While planning for study abroad is exciting, it can also seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. Create an account, build your profile, and get matched to programs in UNH-Via, your portal to study abroad. The earlier you get started the better! Note: we recommend you use Google Chrome for UNH-Via.

Create UNH-Via Profile


For UNH Managed Programs:

Contact the coordinator of that program directly and attend one of their information sessions. UNH Managed Program contact information can be found in the programs description on the Global Education Center Program Search Database or in UNH-Via.


For UNH Approved & Exchange Programs:

After creating your UNH-Via account, follow one of these step-by-step checklist that matches the term you want to go abroad: Summer and Fall Study Abroad Checklist or J-Tem and Spring Study Abroad Checklist.

Attend a mandatory Study Abroad Information Session

Talk to your Academic Advisor about staying on track for graduation and fulfilling academic requirements abroad. Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor to talk about your goals and options.

Deadlines—Choose and apply to a UNH Approved or Exchange program by:

  • September 25 (for Jterm and Spring study abroad)
  • March 5 (for Summer and Fall study abroad)


For UNH International Experience: Intern, Volunteer, Research Abroad

We understand that gaining international experience is key to professional success.  Go beyond Study Abroad to intern, volunteer or conduct research overseas.  For more information see here.