Courses, Credits, Transcripts and Grades

Replacing a Course

So you have arrived and are solidifying your class schedule for your program but there’s a complication. Perhaps a class you had pre-approved at UNH is no longer offered. Or perhaps a new course is offered that you are excited about taking. You can request that this new class be approved for transfer credit by submitting a Study Abroad Course Approval Form. We will then contact the appropriate department and keep you posted on the outcome. Note: this form can only be used by students currently abroad! 

Number of Credits

Semester-abroad students: you must take the equivalent of at least 12 US credits (or more if the program so requires). If you’re not sure how many credits you need during your term abroad, make sure to consult your Academic Advisor.

Course Planning Form

A copy of the course planning form with all the required signatures has been emailed to you. This information is based on the course information given in the planning stage-the exact course credit will be based on the official study abroad transcript.

Transcripts and Grades

Your transcript should be sent to the Global Education Center for processing. Once we receive your transcript, we will convert the grades to the US academic system and work with the Registrar’s Office for further processing. Keep in mind that it can take up to three months before we receive your transcript! Also, make sure you have no outstanding debt to your host university (did you remember to return that library book?) or to your program provider-your transcript will not be released until you have paid your balance.

Need more information? Check out the UNH credit transfer policy.