Temporary Conditions

SAS provides accommodations to students with temporary conditions. If a student has a temporary condition or is suspected of having a temporary condition, then the student should proceed through the interactive accommodations process.  

If you had a recent accident that has resulted in the need for flexibility, then SAS recommends that: 

  1. If there is immediate danger, contact 911.  
  2. For acute injuries students should work with Health and Wellness to create a return and management plan (Dean’s Letter, SAS accommodations, Health Leave). Please note that the process for temporary conditions is not the same as the Dean’s Letter process. For students who have had an acute incident, a Dean’s Letter is often the first step in the process. Accommodations may still be necessary, so connections to both processes may be needed.  
  3. Accommodations through SAS may be an important part of that return and management plan. To request accommodations through SAS, then please visit: 

Request Accommodations