Implementing Your Accommodations

Depending on the type of accommodation you are approved for, accommodations are implemented in a few different ways. SAS will discuss your next steps in your SAS meeting. If you have any questions about how to best implement your accommodations, then please feel free to contact SAS at anytime.

Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations are shared with faculty through your accommodation letter. An accommodation letter is something that students send to their faculty through Clockwork. You may choose to send all your accommodations or send specific accommodations to specific courses. If you choose not to send your letter, then faculty will not know your accommodations.

Please keep in mind for academic accommodations to be implemented, letters must be sent:

  • For each course
  • As close to the beginning of each semester as possible (you can send letters later, but there are no retroactive accommodations and exam accommodations should ideally be shared at least 1 week in advance of the exam)
  • If a student changes courses or switches their course section

We also recommend that you follow-up directly with your instructors after you send your letter. This will help ensure that your accommodation needs are meet within individual course.

Clockwork Tutorials

    Send Your Accommodation Letter


    Housing Accommodations

    When students are approved for housing accommodations, SAS shares the approved accommodation directly with housing through an email and by adding the student's name to the housing accommodation spreadsheet. The housing spreadsheet does not contain any disability specific information. It does list your accommodation, as this will help housing better understand your approved accommodations.

    We also recommend that you reach out directly to housing after housing is notified of the accommodation. Some housing accommodations are subject to availability, so it will be important to discuss the available options with housing as soon as possible.

    Contact Housing


    Parking Accommodations

    When students are approved for parking and transportation accommodations, SAS will notify Campus Services. The student is responsible for following up with Campus Services for any additional arrangements (e.g., purchasing a parking pass or questions about parking availability). If a student is approved for accessible transportation, then the student is responsible for following-up to create a schedule with the Access Van.  

    Contact Campus Services


    Other Types of Accommodations

    For all other types of accommodations, SAS will discuss how the accommodation will be implemented during your intake meeting. If you would like to talk about how your accommodations are implemented, please feel free to reach out to SAS at anytime.