Step 2: Submit Documentation

Documentation provides external confirmation of a student’s disability (as defined within the ADA Amendments Act) and it helps establish the need for protection from discrimination. It is created by a provider and it helps inform SAS about the nature of the disability. SAS uses this information to make the connection to how the accommodations will help address barriers a student might face.

Documentation can include:

  • Provider completion of the Provider Verification Form (this is the preferred pathway)
  • Letters of support from providers
  • Submission of reports or testing related to the condition

It is important to note that documentation criteria for general requests and housing-only requests is different. Prior to submitting, please review our documentation guidelines:

Documentation Guidelines 


What to Do Before You Submit Documentation

SAS does require specific information within your documentation. These guidelines, which can be found on our Documentation Guidelines page, can change between universities, so it is important to review what we are looking for in advance. Issues with documentation can lead to delays in accommodation approval.

Also note that documentation for housing-only requests is not the same as general documentation. Depending on your request, it will be important to read through the student handbook to understand what is required.

In some cases, you might already have the documentation you need to submit to SAS. For instance, many students already have a comprehensive neuropsychological report. When that is the case, you might already have everything you need.

If you decide you need to contact your provider, we recommend you talk with your provider about: your condition, what you would like to request, and the documentation process and criteria here at UNH. To help with this conversation, we recommend you send your provider the document: PROVIDER GUIDANCE - SUBMITTING DOCUMENTATION TO SAS AT UNH. This document was created to give your provider the information they need to understand our processes and it also includes a link to our Provider Verification Form.

How to Submit Documentation

Please note: If you are an incoming student and not yet registered for courses, then you might not be able to currently access the full Accommodate system. If that is the case, then you can still submit documentation by contacting SAS directly. We can provide you with an upload link. 

Additionally, please do not send disability-related documentation to Admissions or Housing. SAS is the central location for this information.

Contact SAS

OPTION 1 - Provider Verification Form

Our Provider Verification Form is a form that you can send directly to your provider. Your provider can complete this form and it will be submitted to SAS directly. We recommend you send the provider guidance document (see the button below for the PDF) directly to your provider as it will help them understand the process and what is required, as well as provide them a link to the form.


OPTION 2 - Submission of Support Letters, Assessments, or Historical Documents

Documentation such as letters, reports, neuropsychological exams, audiology reports, etc., should be submitted directly into Accommodate by logging in and selecting Documentation. For instructions, please visit our Student Accommodate Guide

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