Instructor Accommodate Guide

As an instructor, there are a number of important things you can do within Accommodate. This includes: 

Login to Accommodate

View and Sign Student Accommodations Letters 

Accommodation Letters in Accommodate

Accommodation letters are how students notify instructors of their approved SAS accommodations. Each semester letters are activated by students and sent by SAS through Accommodate. As an instructor you can view the student's official letters within Accommodate. You can also print or download the letter as needed. If a letter is downloaded or printed, it is important that the information is kept safe and private. Instructors can also easily sign accommodation letters within Accommodate. Signing a letter will confirm that you have viewed and received the letter.

How to View and Sign Letters

Accommodate allows you to easily view and sign student accommodation letters. Once in the system, click:

  1. Accommodation letters
  2. Scroll and view the letter
  3. Optional - search using the search function or sort the letters by semester, course, or a date range

View a List of All Student Accommodations in a Course 

Viewing a List vs. Viewing an Individual Letter

One advantage of Accommodate is that it allows instructors to view student accommodations in a few different ways. As an instructor you should always view and sign the letters directly, but you can also view lists of students.

  • View all students - Accommodate allows you to see a list of all the students in your course. This will include students with and without accommodations.
  • View all students who have shared their accommodations - Accommodate also allows you to filter the list to only include students with accommodations. This is a quick and easy way to see all student accommodations at once.

How to View a List of All Student Accommodations in a Course

Accommodate allows you to quickly view all students in the course to see who does and does not have active accommodations. Once in the system, click:

  1. Courses
  2. Find the course by filtering by semester or selecting a date range
  3. Once in the course, select "Enrolled Students"
  4. You can view all or filter to only view students with accommodations

Request an Exam at the UNH Testing Center at Durham 

Requesting an Exam in Accommodate

Accommodate allows instructors to request exams in the UNH Testing Center right within their faculty portal. When an exam is requested, the Testing Center coordinator processes the request and looks to see if space is available. Please keep in mind, not all requests can be met . The space is limited (there are 13 seats; 8-4:30; T-Hall G01), so the space is prioritized for students who have distraction reduced test accommodations and complex exam accommodations.

How to Request an Exam

Accommodate allows you to request an exam, as well as easily modify or edit your request. Requests should be made at least 5 business days prior to the start of the exam. Once in the system, click:

  1. Courses
  2. Choose the appropriate course (you can filter courses or choose a semester)
  3. Click "Exam"
  4. Click "Add New Exam"
  5. Complete the required fields on the form
  6. Optional - if you already have your exam, you may upload the exam with your request