Completing a Release of Information (ROI)

The release of SAS records is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). When it comes to the work of SAS, this means that the student has the right to their data and information. SAS can only share information about a student (i.e., registration status, documentation, meeting status, accommodation record) with specific permission from the student.

Key Information about the ROI

  • Students may choose to complete a Release of Information (ROI), which allows SAS to share information about the student record with a parent, family member, or other contact. However, it is at the discretion of the student to complete an ROI and they are under no obligation to complete it. 
  • With the following exceptions, information will not be disclosed outside of the SAS office without a student's written permission: imminent harm to self, imminent harm to others, abuse of children, court order, FERPA allowance. 
  • Even with a signed ROI, students are still responsible for engaging in the interactive accommodation process. 
  • By default ROIs expire after 1 year. Students may indicate an earlier expiration date, but would need to renew an ROI for SAS to share information after the 1 year mark. 
  • SAS will not release information obtained directly from a third party (for example, a physician releasing records directly to SAS) unless specifically consented to by the provider. Students can reach out directly to the original provider for this type of information. 
  • The SAS ROI only applies to SAS and does not apply to other departments. Please consult with individual departments about their specific requirements. 

Process to Request a Release of Information (ROI) Form

  1. Contact SASContact SAS office to request a Release of Information (ROI) form.
  2. SAS Sends the Form - SAS office will send the ROI to the student's email through Adobe Sign. Students are not required to have an Adobe Sign account to access and complete the form. *NOTE - If you do not receive the Adobe Sign email, please check your junk/spam folder. 
  3. Student Completes the Form - Review and complete the ROI in Adobe Sign and click submit.
  4. SAS Acknowledges Receiving the Form - SAS office will receive your completed ROI and add to your record in Accommodate.  Once the form is completed information can then be released to the person listed on the ROI.
  5. As Indicated by the Student, SAS Shares Information - Once an ROI is completed, SAS can then share information as directed by the student. SAS can only share information based on what is included in the completed ROI. Also note that for additional accommodations, students are required to engage in the interactive accommodation process. 

Contact SAS to Request a ROI Form