Requesting New or Updated Accommodations

Accommodation needs do not follow a semester schedule. You may find that at some point you would like to update your accommodations or request new accommodations. SAS will be happy to meet with you to talk more about your accommodations. Students may request revised accommodations at any point, but as with all other requests, this must be done in a reasonable time frame and there are no retroactive accommodations. 

For more information about requesting new or updated documentation, please see the SAS Student Handbook.

SAS Student Handbook


    How to Request New Accommodations

    When students would like to request additional accommodations, SAS is required to re-engage the student in the interactive accommodations process. This process mirrors the interactive accommodation process. Specific steps needed will depend on the request and what SAS already has in terms of documentation and information. Keep in mind that this process may include:

    SAS will review all requests in a timely manner, but overall timeline may vary depending on the nature and specifics of the request and necessary documentation.

    If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact SAS.

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