Step 3: Meet with SAS

Once you have completed the registration and submitted documentation, you will contact SAS to make an appointment. In that appointment, we will talk with you about your condition, your request, and about the possible options. Accommodations may be approved at this time, but often the approvals occur after the meeting.

Make an appointment

    Preparing for Your Intake Meeting

    Students do not have to be registered with SAS to schedule a meeting. However, if you are planning to request accommodations in the meeting, you will need to be registered in our system. If you have not completed the registration process, then you can learn more about Step 1: Register with SAS.

    SAS will meet with students whether or not they have submitted documentation, but documentation is required to approve accommodations. If you can submit documentation prior to the meeting, this will help ensure accommodations can be approved in a timely manner. If you have not completed the documentation process, then you can learn more about Step 2: Submit Documentation.

    During the meeting you will talk with the learning specialist about your condition. This includes talking about your diagnosis or diagnoses, as well as how your conditions impact you. SAS will ask you questions about impacts both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. We do not need a full record of all the impacts, but we do need to make the connection between your condition and the accommodations you are requesting.

    During the meeting you will also talk with the learning specialist about the accommodations you are requesting. You can talk more about the specific accommodations you would like, but you can also ask the learning specialist about other accommodations that are available. The learning specialist can help you explore how your needs could be met through accommodations, but they will also talk with you about other resources on campus that may assist you as well.