Privacy and Data Policies

All student information shared with SAS is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Section 504 of PL.94-142, and the ADA-AA. In accordance with FERPA, SAS staff members will only share information about a student with a disability if a university official has a legitimate educational interest as determined by SAS.

If a student would like SAS to share information about their SAS record (this includes releasing the student record to the student), then this request must be made in writing through the Release of Information (ROI) form. This form can be found on the SAS website, but is also made available directly through SAS. Please note that an ROI is only valid for a maximum of one year. Students can request the information be released for shorter periods of time, but no longer than one year. This is to protect student privacy.

SAS retains information related to the student record in Accommodate. As per institutional requirements, all student records will be deleted after seven years. If a student requests information past this timeline, SAS will no longer be able to share this information.

For more information about FERPA requirements please visit the Office of the Registrar’s FERPA Webpage or the Data Services FERPA Webpage.

As per FERPA requirements, SAS deletes student records either:

  • 7 years after last date of student enrollment, or
  • After 7 years of inactivity with SAS

We highly recommend that upon graduation that you talk with SAS about any documentation or records that you feel you might need at a later point. For instance, to assist in requesting accommodations at another university or on a graduate entry exam. Once student records are deleted, SAS will no longer have access to documentation, accommodation letters, or additional information about your experiences in SAS.