Our Community

Our Community
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The University of New Hampshire prides itself on providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for students, staff, faculty, and administrators of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

Offices & Initiatives

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Civil Rights & Equity Office

Our office is responsible for oversight of University compliance efforts i aimed at creating a diverse, welcoming and equitable campus. 

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Office of Community, Equity & Diversity

Our office holds the responsibility for developing programs, policies and initiatives that serve to create a welcoming and diverse environment.

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The Beauregard Center

The office creates opportunities for individuals to participate in an inclusive community and to explore and understand diversity, social justice, inclusion, and equity via a wide-variety of programming.

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Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

SAS provides services to students who have permanent or temporary disabilities which impact their UNH experience.

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UNH safe zone

UNH Safe Zones

UNH Safe Zones is an educational program to raise awareness of LGBTQIAP+ issues and contribute to a campus climate of inclusion at UNH.

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Title IX

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities operated by recipients of federal financial assistance.

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McNair Scholars

McNair Scholars Program

The program aims to promote and nurture the next generation of faculty, researchers, and scholars by providing academic and social support services.

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Important Resources

Preferred/chosen First Name

You may indicate a preferred/chosen first name that will appear in documents internal to UNH. The preferred/chosen first name will be used regardless of whether or not you have legally changed your name  
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Accessible UNH

Explore resources on the fundamentals of accessibility and disability, essential skills for creating accessible digital and paper resources, strategies to implement accessibility, and ways to access help and support.

Accessibility Information

Getting around, student support, public venues, student and employee accommodation request, dietary and housing concerns, enhanced communication technology assistance and more - this web site provides a wide variety of resources.
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Report an incident

Incident Report Form

The Incident Report Form (IRF) replaces the Reportit! and Title IX Incident Report form.
The IRF is for all members of the community, including Mandatory Reporters.
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Inclusion Council

Works on relevant unit-based inclusivity by exchanging information, discussing obstacles, resources, activities, best practices and creative ideas about inclusive pedagogy, recruiting, retention and programming.
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