• Find a job on campus. Visit Handshake.

    Part-Time Jobs On Campus

    Looking for a part-time or work study job on campus? Jobs will be posted throughout the summer in Handshake, so "Follow" departments of interest. To see Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

  • Career and Professional Success, where virtual interviews take place for both students and employers.

    UNH Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates - Online Resources

    Career and Professional Success is prepared to support our students and employers online in a number of waysDetails for students and employers can be found here.

  • Wildcat Connections

    The University of New Hampshire invites all UNH students and alumni to join Wildcat Connections, an exclusive platform for networking, engaging and sharing professional experiences. JOIN

  • Career and Professional Success has career technology to support students anytime, anywhere.

    Career Technology Resources 24/7

    Career and Professional Success provides a number of platforms and 24/7 career support technology tools to assist students in building professional success anytime, anywhere. 

Wildcat Connections brings UNH students and alumni together to cultivate relationships and build strong networks in the Wildcat Community!

Wildcat Connections is designed exclusively for Wildcats to bring students and alumni together online to ask questions, seek guidance, coach, inspire, and share professional success stories.


UNH uses Vmock to help students take their resumes to the next level.

VMock is a sophisticated resume review tool that uses artificial intelligence to assess and offer instant feedback on your resume. Make sure your resume is in the best condition to get into the “yes” pile.


UNH can support students with interview practice anytime, anywhere with InterviewStream.

InterviewStream is a video interviewing platform that allows you to practice interviewing and review your performance! 


UNH partners with Real World Playbook to provide a resource to help you navigate the transition from school to the work force

Real World Playbook is a comprehensive, customized platform to make adulthood and navigating life moments easier (personal finance, moving to a new city, retirement accounts, etc.)! Students and new grads have free access- select "Join Today" and enter UNH2020 at payment screen.



New Jobs and Opportunities on Handshake

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The Wildcat Way To Professional Success


At the University of New Hampshire, students develop personal and professional skills beyond the classroom by following the Wildcat Way to Professional Success.  Our aim is to outline and share action steps students can take toward career readiness, and provide a guide for professional development to support each student’s academic experience.  Career and Professional Success provides events, services, and coaching in each of these core areas to support Wildcats as they explore the option and opportunities that await them after graduation.


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