career and professional success staff


Vision for Career and Professional Success 

With an uncommon commitment to personal and professional development, Career and Professional Success (CaPS) empowers all UNH students to proactively build the knowledge and skills they need to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing future.

Wildcats consistently impress with a belief in themselves, commitment to a set of values, dedication to hard work, agility to hit the ground running, and a responsibility to share their success with the next generation of students.

Who are we? We are coaches, connectors, and champions for our students and alumni. We don’t just fix resumes, post jobs, and practice interviews. In partnership with faculty, staff, employers, and our global alumni network, we orchestrate opportunities for experiential learning, mentoring, networking, and personal growth, equipping UNH students with the tools to thrive throughout their lives.  

You believe in UNH. We believe in all of you.

#IBelieveInUNH     #WeBelieveInYou


Imbue career preparedness across the entire UNH community to equip our students with the experiences, knowledge,

and skills to thrive in an ever-changing future.


1. Partner with faculty and staff to integrate career and professional success into the UNH experience.

2. Consider the broad spectrum of students to effectively deliver the highest level of impact.

3. Actively engage a variety of employers to increase access to high quality jobs and internships.

4. Prepare students to proactively engage in their post graduate success.