Intern, Volunteer, Research Abroad

Are you considering an international experience that is different from the traditional study abroad path?  At UNH, we are committed to the globalization of your educational experience in a variety of ways.

An international experience could include:

  • International internships
  • Volunteering abroad
  • Conducting research abroad
  • International engagement on campus, such as joining an international organization or student group 

There are two paths to having an international experience:  1. The UNH Path   2. The Independent Path 

To better understand what this means, ask yourself these questions and then follow the appropriate path below:

  • Am I fulfilling an academic requirement?
  • Am I earning UNH credit?
  • Am I traveling with a recognized student organization?
  • Am I traveling with a UNH faculty and/or staff member?
  • Am I participating on a trip that is supervised, arranged or sponsored by a UNH department or UNH faculty/staff?

I have answered YES to at least one of the above questions.

UNH Path


I have answered NO to all of the above questions.

Independent Path


I want to learn more about the variety of opportunities available to me.

International Experiences


I want to learn more about funding opportunities.

Funding Opportunities