Guide for Inviting Visiting Scholars

At the heart of educational and cultural exchange is the relationship between the Faculty Sponsor (Host) and the Exchange Visitor (Visiting Scholar).  Exchange Visitors must be sponsored by a UNH faculty member who is willing to act as an advisor to the proposed project or activity.  The faculty member is responsible for initiating the request and serving as the primary support person in the U.S.

  • Faculty Sponsor (or department/unit staff member) submits the online J-1 Application for a New Exchange Visitor via eOISS Online Services at least two months prior to the Exchange Visitor’s proposed start date
  • Faculty Sponsor contacts UNH's Office of Contracts and Export Controls (ext. 2-2001) to review purpose of visit and determine if a Visiting Scientist Agreement is needed.
  • OISS reviews the application within five business days and issues the immigration document (Form DS-2019)
  • OISS ships the DS-2019 to the Exchange Visitor
  • Faculty Sponsor (or department/unit staff member) submits a request via UNH’s IT Accounts Management System for the Exchange Visitor’s Sponsored User Account/UNH ID
  • Exchange Visitor makes an appointment at the nearest U.S. Embassy/Consulate to apply for the J-1 visa
  • Exchange Visitor secures off-campus housing prior to arrival with the assistance of the Faculty Sponsor (see below)
  • Exchange Visitor purchases an insurance plan that meets or exceeds the government regulations prior to arrival
  • Exchange Visitor arranges travel to the U.S. after his/her J-1 visa has been issued (Note: The Exchange Visitor is allowed to enter the U.S. up to 30 days before his/her program start date, as stated on the DS-2019.)
  • OISS contacts the Exchange Visitor to arrange a welcome meeting/orientation session upon arrival to review the J-1 immigration rights and responsibilities (Note: If the Exchange Visitor will be paid by UNH, he/she will need to complete the required hiring paperwork at OISS, as well.)
  • Exchange Visitor arrives at UNH, has orientation at OISS, and obtains a UNH ID card at the ID Office in the MUB
  • Faculty Sponsor provides the Exchange Visitor with an office or desk space and a computer
  • Faculty Sponsor ensures the Exchange Visitor fulfills his/her academic/work obligations
Housing Information
Department of State Welcome Brochure