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Intercultural & Leadership Program Bringing Together International & Domestic Students at UNH

The Global Leadership Experience (GLE) is an intercultural leadership program in the Global Education Center for international and domestic students, comprised of four elements:

  • GLE weekend (includes team building activities, cultural immersion, and leadership exploration)
  • Informal group meetups
  • On-campus leadership service
  • Coaching
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Participating in GLE helps students to:

  • Gain intercultural communication skills
  • Find your inner leader
  • Create a more inclusive campus
  • Establish a global network & develop lifelong connections

Past GLE groups represented:

  • 18 countries
  • 22 languages
  • 38 different majors

What Students Say About the Global Leadership Experience

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An Unforgettable Experience

"This is the most authentic and meaningful experience I've had since the pandemic started."

"Truly an experience that I will carry on for the rest of my life."

New Perspectives

"I loved learning about other cultures…through the eyes of an international student. Being from New Hampshire, I haven’t really experienced many different stories, so I loved being exposed to new and different people with incredible stories to share.” 

"GLE gave me a view into other cultures."

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Global Connections

"I can be a cultural bridge now."

"I never thought I would have local [U.S.] friends."


GLE is open to students who:

  1. have been nominated (by faculty, staff, past GLE participant) or who are a member of the Buddies without Borders (BWB) program.
  2. are in good academic standing (2.5 GPA or higher).
  3. have attended a GLE information session.
  4. will be on campus for the rest of the spring semester after the GLE weekend, as well as the subsequent fall semester so that they can take part in campus impact activities.

We like to think that GLE helps students find their “inner leader.” If you are interested in connecting with students who are different from you, learning about culture, and making UNH a more inclusive and welcoming campus, we encourage you to consider GLE.

Students are selected through a nomination and application process that takes place in the fall. They may be nominated by faculty, staff, previous GLE participants, or by participating in the Buddies without Borders (BWB) program. We do some outreach for nominations in the fall, but encourage you to email if you would like to nominate a student.

The GLE training weekend generally takes place at the start of the spring semester.

GLE participants are expected to participate in the weekend of training and two semesters of coaching sessions (2 per semester), campus impact opportunities identified by the GLE staff (2 per semester), and informal group meetups (2 per semester). Upon completion of these requirements, students are welcome to stay involved with the activities and leadership opportunities offered through the Global Education Center.

There are many opportunities through the various programs of the Global Education Center (GEC), from being an Orientation Leader at International Student Orientation, a Buddies without Borders Ambassador, to leading weekend trips, speaking on panels at workshops, and helping set up or run an event. In addition to GEC opportunities, we connect GLE students with optional leadership positions offered by other campus offices.

Contact Information

If you are interested in joining GLE, nominating a student for the program, or you have additional questions, please email

The Global Education Center is located on the third floor of Conant Hall.