Global Ambassador Application - Returned Student

We are glad you are considering being a Global Ambassador (GA)!  We are no longer accepting applications and will be reopening them in the spring semester. 

GAs are peer mentors to prospective study abroad/away students and promote study abroad/study away here on campus; through classroom presentations, open house events, college-specific info sessions, pre-departure orientation events, or just talking one-on-one to a student.  

Please be aware this is an unpaid, volunteer position. By filling out and submitting the application, you acknowledge that you meet the eligibility requirements listed below and that the information you filled out is correct.


  • You agree to attend the Global Ambassador training sessions and team building or professional development activities.
  • You agree to help at both Study Abroad Pre-departure Orientations and Global Education Fair.
  • You agree to participate in at least 3 Study Abroad/Study Away each semester (not including pre-departure orientation or Global Education Fair).
  • You participated in a UNH Study Abroad/Study Away experience.
  • You are in good academic and judicial standing.
  • You have at least one year left at UNH.
  • You will act as a (trained) Peer Mentor to prospective study abroad/study away students.
  • You agree to represent the Global Education team in a responsible, professional manner.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. We will select the most qualified and motivated applicants, and include a good representation of study abroad/study away locations, colleges, and types of programs in our final selection.  

If you have questions, please contact:
Paula M. DiNardo, PhD
Global Education Advisor

Study Abroad/Study Away Information
Please select which type of program you participated in or are interested in.
Term Abroad
Global Ambassador Activities
As a returned student, you are required to do the following as a Global Ambassador: Peer mentoring (talking to prospective study abroad students in person, through email and/or Zoom), Event planning, promotion & execution (existing and new events). There will be opportunities to do other activities. Please mark one or more of the following you are interested in:

Global Ambassador Application Questions

Please answer the following 5 questions (use 200-300 words for each question).
Discuss any changes you have made based on your experiences abroad/away. Consider who you are now and how that may be different from who you were before you went abroad.
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