Peace Corps Prep

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Take the first step with Peace Corps Prep, a partnership between UNH and the U.S. Peace Corps that prepares undergraduates for global service. 

Through Peace Corps Prep, you will: 

  • Engage in undergraduate academic coursework and field experiences that emphasize community engagement and public service 
  • Build the essential skills to excel in global service activities
  • Prepare to apply to the Peace Corps 
  • Get engaged in your community at home and abroad 

Fill out the Peace Corps Prep Application

The Peace Corps has identified four core competencies that are critical to the intercultural fieldwork Peace Corps Volunteers engage in: 


Volunteers create links among schools, parents, and communities by working in elementary, secondary, and postsecondary schools as math, science, conversational English, and resource teachers or early-grade reading and literacy teacher trainers.  


Health Volunteers work within their communities to promote important topics such as nutrition, HIV/AIDS education and prevention, maternal and child health, basic hygiene, and water sanitation.  


Environment Volunteers lead grassroots efforts to protect the environment and strengthen understanding of environmental issues.  


Agriculture Volunteers work with small-scale farmers and families to increase food security and production and adapt to climate change while promoting environmental conservation.  

Youth Development 

Youth Development Volunteers work with youth in communities to promote engagement and active citizenship, including gender awareness, employability, health and HIV/AIDS education, environmental awareness, sports and fitness programs, and information technology. 

Community Economic Development 

Community Economic Development Volunteers work with development banks, nongovernmental organizations, and municipalities to encourage economic opportunities in communities. They frequently teach in classroom settings and work with entrepreneurs and business owners to develop and market their products.  

Most students must hone their capacity to interact professionally using a non-English language. Minimum course requirements vary by desired placement region. 

  • Latin America: Students indicating an intention to serve in Spanish-speaking countries must build strong intermediate proficiency, having completed two 500-level courses or learned Spanish through another medium. 
  • West Africa: Students indicating an intention to serve in French-speaking African countries must build proficiency in French or another Romance language, having completed one 500-level course or learned the language through another medium. 
  • Everywhere else: Students indicating an intention to serve anywhere else do not have explicit language requirements to complete the Program, but they should still be encouraged to study a foreign language. 
Note: If you are a strong native speaker and hope to serve in a country that speaks your same language, you can skip this requirement!  

Engaging thoughtfully and fluidly across cultures begins with one’s own self-awareness. With this learning objective, you will deepen your cultural agility through a mix of three introspective courses in which you learn about others while reflecting upon your own self in relation to others. The goal is for you to build your capacity to shift perspective and behavior around relevant cultural differences. 

Peace Corps Prep requires three specific activities that will strengthen students' candidacy for the Peace Corps. To fulfill this requirement, students must complete the following:

  1. Have your resume reviewed by someone in Career and Professional Success.
  2. Attend a workshop or class on interview skills.
  3. Develop at least one significant leadership experience and be prepared to discuss it thoughtfully. For example, organizing a campus event, leading a work or volunteer project, or serving on the executive board of a student organization.


UNH Peace Corps Prep creates a framework for you to build these four competencies, integrating coursework with hands-on experience and professional development, as well as individualized guidance throughout your college career and Peace Corps application process. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate from the Peace Corps—and a competitive edge when applying for Peace Corps service. 

Peace Corps Prep is open to all undergraduates in any major. The program does not guarantee acceptance into the Peace Corps but stands out on your application and provides you with impressive experiences relevant to any work in global service.