Using Social Media


  • Follow UNH Career and Professional Success
  • Join groups such as the Official UNH Alumni Group and groups in your interest areas
  • Make connections and interact with other members
  • Post intelligent questions for other members to answer
  • Reciprocate: help others with questions when possible
  • Post a status update on your profile that indicates you are searching for a job and what type of position you are seeking
  • Look for job postings in groups within your job interest area
  • Search the “Jobs” section of LinkedIn
  • Research companies

Support for Learning How to Use LinkedIn:  LinkedIn for Students  | LinkedIn Student Jobs


  • Follow UNH Career and Professional Success for career advice, job postings, event updates and more
  • Update your status to say what type of job you are seeking
  • Network with business colleagues, friends, and recruiters of companies you are targeting
  • Search the Facebook Marketplace in the area you are searching
  • Participate in groups
  • Post an advertisement (pay per click). Note: there is a fee for this but you set the limit on what you’re willing to spend.
  • Consider joining, Facebook’s professional networking app (similar to LinkedIn, affiliated with


  • Follow @UNHCaPS for career advice, job postings, event updates and more
  • Create a professional-looking Twitter background
  • Job pitch on Twitter-bio
  • Follow companies and recruiters of interest:
  • Follow job feeds: search hashtags like #nhjobs, #jobs, #internships
  • Twitter chats:, #careerchat, #JobHuntChat,

Employers check social media websites to screen potential candidates.  All information you share has the potential to become public, so carefully consider any content before you post it.