Planning Timetable

If you are considering graduate school, then start your planning early to make yourself the best possible candidate. Follow the steps below. UNH Career and Professional Success can help you explore graduate school options.

Grad School Worksheet Excel Version

Grad School Worksheet WoRD Doc Version

Peterson's Planning Timetable


  • Define your area of interest
  • Seek advice from professors in the field in which you are interested
  • Visit the schools to which you are considering applying


  • Maintain a high GPA
  • Earn membership in honor societies
  • Read articles from your field
  • Publish your work in the field
  • Tutor to develop your teaching skills
  • Identify, talk with, and volunteer to work with at least three of your professors, who may serve as references


  • Attend meetings/conferences or similar events in the field
  • Join the professional association
  • Contact the author of an article you find interesting
  • Contact graduate students from programs and schools in which you are interested

Research and Other Experience

  • Participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) or the International Research Opportunities Program (IROP)
  • Present your work at the Undergraduate Research Conference
  • Study abroad and focus your time on coursework or experience in your field
  • Do an internship, a job, or volunteer in the field
  • Work with faculty as a research assistant or teaching assistant
  • Do an independent study with a professor

Application Preparation

  • Prepare and take standardized tests early
  • Get to know your professors; this is helpful when you need to ask for letters of recommendation
  • Review the Web sites and application processes of the programs and schools in which you are most interested


  • Professors in the field
  • Current graduate students
  • Graduate coordinator from the programs in which you are interested
  • Admissions staff from the graduate schools in which you are interested
  • UNH Graduate School
  • UNH Career and Professional Success