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Don't forget, Handshake is UNH's favorite way to connect employers and students!

Employers by Major allows users to search for employers by major and location.

Register using your email to create major and/or location-specific 'employer lists.'

GoinGlobal GoinGlobal helps job and internship seekers find opportunities at home and abroad. Search Career Guides specific to countries or cities around the world, learn more about the visa application process, and much more!


Complete interest and lifestyle assessments using the PathSource App in order to discover the best careers for you... then hear from professionals in those fields via career exploration videos. Create your login using your email.

Don't have an iPhone? Visit and use access code UNH087 to get started.


Thanks to our partnership with Resume Target, a professional resume writing service, we are pleased to offer access to career related information and resume templates.

Resume examples available in various file types for easy downloading and editing.

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Experienced/Older Workers

American Association of Retired Persons & Careers    

Salary & Relocation Information Glassdoor Relocation Tools
Pay Scale JobStar Salary Links NACE Salary Calculator
Social Media Careers Salaries Social Work Salaries LinkedIn Salary Tool

Opportunities with Housing

Summer Employment Opportunities with Housing

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Experienced/Older Workers

Job Hunt Senior Job Bank  


Finance and Accounting

Riley Guide to Finance/Accounting/Insurance    









Sports & Recreation

Cool Works Athletic Link