Professional Headshots

Free Professional Headshots with CaPS

Career and Professional Success offers free professional headshot sessions in the form of a three-day event to help students complete their Handshake and LinkedIn profiles!

Registration is NOT required for students wishing to attend; however, be prepared for short lines at peak times. Please consider this and plan your visit accordingly.

Please note: due to the significant demand for this event, it is open to current UNH students ONLY.

What to Expect

  • Dress to impress! Headshots will be framed from the mid-chest up to showcase your face clearly.
  • Each student will have 5-6 photos taken. Photos will receive a light crop and edit.
  • Short lines may occur during peak times due to the high demand for this event.
  • Photos will be made available through a shared OneDrive folder within two weeks.

Reminder: only current UNH students are eligible to have their headshot taken.