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The Campus Construction Map details indoor and outdoor projects currently under construction on campus.  The map is updated hourly.

RSA Section 21-I:81-b Compliance

Facilities Project Management (FPM) Managed Projects:

Brenda Whitmore, Director

UNH ID Project Name Contractor Subcontractor List
2015-2360 Kendall Hall - 2nd Floor Renovatoin Champman Construction/Design Master List
2017-0054 Congreve Utility Charter Brothers Construction, LLC Master List
14049-0111 Memorial Union Building - Sidewalk/Heating Line  Charter Brothers Construction, LLC Master List
13916-0002 Spaulding Hall - Replacement Cooling System Careno Construction Company, LLC Master List
13701-0003 PCAC Improvements Charters Brothers Construction, LLC Master List
2014-2074 Barton Hall B119 Renovations John W. Danforth Master List

Housing Managed Projects

Bill Meehan, Senior Manager of Residence Facilities