Campus Stewardship

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As stewards for the campus this office oversees all physical planning, design and construction for campus renewal and improvements and the data and documentation related to all of this.  The work of the groups within Campus Stewardship includes: capital planning, facilities assessments, land and transportation planning, leasing and strategic real property management, project delivery (planning, design, and construction), campus spatial data and document management (GIS, floor plans planning data, and project documents), campus standards and guidelines, and campus master planning.

The challenge of our task is to deliver the vision of the University leaders, respond to the needs of individual campus users, while preserving and enhancing the character and integrity of the campuses of the University of New Hampshire.  While the Durham campus is the primary focus, the office of Campus Stewardship provides support and guidance for all University lands and locations including: Concord, Manchester, New Castle, and the Isle of Shoals.  We serve as the link to our host communities and the Authorities Having Jurisdiction related to all physical planning, design and construction; and we coordinate with USNH for all reporting to the Board of Trustees for the Campus Master Plan, 6 Year Campus Facilities Plan, and 2 Year Campus Project Schedules.

Transportation Policy
Campus Tribute Gifts

Space Allocation, Adaption and Renewal Committee (SAARC)

The Space Allocation, Adaption and Renewal Committee (SAARC) is a standing advisory committee to the President of the University.  It oversees the development, assignment, naming and stewardship of all University buildings, grounds, roads and related infrastructure. There is an annual process to update the Capital Priorities List and select limited scope Space and Campus Improvements Projects for SAARC funding. 

SAARC Charter (updated 2022)
SAARC Membership

Committee Approved Recommendations for FY24

    Memorials and Tributes

    Gifts can be made to the university to memorialize a person or event. These gifts may take a variety of forms that are both meaningful and appropriate, including donations for scholarship support, contributions of books or special collections for the Library, and gifts of art or equipment. In addition, the university provides opportunities for donors to contribute for campus beautification projects such as tree planting or bench installation. For more information on memorial and tribute gifts, for more information please refer to the Annual Giving tributes page

    Campus for Committee Aesthetics

    UNH Planning, Design and Construction Guidelines

    The University maintains these guidelines to provide designers and builders with our expectations from broad planning principles to technical standards for a multitude of building components.

    Planning, Design and Construction Guidelines

    Campus Master Plan

    The comprehensive Campus Master Plan provides the road map for decisions related to the priorities for capital renewal and improvements, land use, space utilization, and campus infrastructure.  The office of Campus Stewardship is responsible for managing the process of updating the Campus Master Plan as required by USNH Board of Trustee policy.

    VI. Property Policies
    Current Campus Master Plan