Facilities Services

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Facilities Services provides services to the UNH campus for maintenance control, grounds and events, housekeeping,  lock shop, zone maintenance, and the  control center.

Facilities Control Center

The Facilities Control Center is the main contact for all facilities maintenance, project, energy and utility related work.  Please call us to request maintenance or repairs.

For facility related issues please call (603) 862-1437 or email: facilities.control.center@unh.edu
Maintenance Requests

Located at:
6 Leavitt Lane
Durham, NH 03824

Self Service:
For non-emergency issues, please enter service requests through the ReADY Request portal. Please do not enter emergency requests on Self Service as they may not be reviewed in a timely manner.

Facilities Control Center 

What We Do

  • Support campus needs and requests
  • Phone coverage staffed 24/7
  • Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • Respond to the many emails from campus stakeholders
  • Review all self-service requests
  • Distribute and receive keys for campus
  • Support the many events across campus
  • Notify campus of scheduled shutdowns and events
  • Inventory and track all of the Facilities Assets in AIM and schedule preventative maintenance.  

Comments and/or Suggestions

Please Contact Shelby Hoffman, FCC Manager, (603) 862-0259

Grounds & Events

The Grounds department serves the UNH campus community by maintaining lawns, gardens, trees, athletic fields, hardscape (sidewalks and parking lots), trash and confidential material removal, and upkeep of the overall outside environment of the university. During winter months, the grounds department ensures mobility of the campus by providing snow removal and de-icing of 16 miles of sidewalk, 9 miles of road and 48 acres of parking space.  The Events department serves the UNH campus community by participating in many campus events such as commencement, picnics, departmental and student events.  Set up services include the rental of tables, chairs, university seal podiums/chairs, pipe and drape, and flags.  Contact (603) 862-1437 for more information and to request services.

Confidential Material Removal

To arrange for confidential material removal please send an email to Facilities Control or call (603) 862-1437  with the following information:

  • contact name
  • telephone number
  • building, room
  • quantity of materials to be disposed of

Please note that pick up materials is provided by an off-site vendor with a service schedule limited to Fridays on the UNH campus.  Confidential material removal services are for faculty and staff only. 

Special Event Needs

To arrange special event needs send an email to facilities.control.center@unh.edu or call (603) 862-1437 with the following information: contact name, date and time of event, equipment needed, set up time and location, pick up time.  We will contact you with additional questions if necessary.  Facilities does not coordinate space reservations .  Follow the links below to reserve space on campus.   

Disposal Services

To arrange for disposal of unwanted items ie; furniture, etc. please  email  facilities.control.center@unh.edu or call (603) 862-1437 
Please provide the following information:

  • Contact name
  • Expected Date/Time of removal
  • Building and Room number
  • List of items to be removed 

A Facilities team member will contact you if a site visit is required. Moves on campus generally take place Monday - Friday 7:00 am. to 3:30 pm. 

Grounds and Events Contacts