Snow Information & FAQ

snow plow in front of t-hall

If I have a snow related question or concern who should I call to report or request services?

Call the Facilities Control Center at (603) 862-1437
(24 hours per day)


Are Parking Meter spots open for parking on Curtailed days?

Parking meters are not available midnight through 6 AM during the winter period.  However, they are available from 6 AM to midnight even during curtailed periods.

Where can we park overnight?

The only overnight lots are: Section 4 of A lot, West Edge lot and the Visitor Center lot.  However, unless you are permitted in these lots during the normal daytime period the overnight parking expires at 7:00 AM.

Can I get a ride to my vehicle during curtailed periods?

Campus buses run an abbreviated schedule during curtailed operations and may be available. Otherwise, there is no public transportation. Facilities trucks are strictly prohibited from providing campus rides however UNH Police will provide rides as needed for disabled students or in emergency situations.

Can I get help shoveling out my car?

 Being ready to shovel out your own car is something all of us need to be prepared for in winter in New England whether traveling to campus or elsewhere. The Facilities snow removal crew is fully involved in preparing the campus to operate and is not available to shovel out personal vehicles.

Can someone provide a jump for my car?

These types of services are commercially available from entities like AAA or locally from Smitty’s Garage (603) 868-9785 in Durham.

Where can I park if I have to come to campus during a Curtailed Day event?

Only designated priority personnel should come to campus. However, if you must come to campus, please park in a 24 hour lot: A Lot, West Edge or the Visitor’s Center. Otherwise, leaving your car in any other parking lot impedes snow plowing operations. 

Campus Mobility

Murkland Hall in the winter

Where can I view the new SnowCat Mobility routes?

SnowCat Mobility Map.

Does the Access Van run during curtailed periods?

Yes, however it only runs for transportation to the dining areas and only for students approved to use the service.

How often are sidewalk tip-downs cleared?

Sidewalk tip-downs are cleared by both sidewalk equipment and shoveling crews on a continuous/as needed basis.  However, roadway plowing can leave snow piled in front of or on tip downs.  If you notice tip-downs in need of service please contact (603) 862-1437.

What is the priority for clearing building entrances?

Shovel crews will clear a safe path to main entrances and ADA accessible entrances before the start of the workday or when operations resume after a curtailed period.  Other entrances and egresses will be cleared as secondary priorities and may or may not all be cleared before the start of the workday/school day.

Why is there still snow on sidewalks when UNH is not curtailed?

The Grounds crews makes every effort to clear a path to main entrances and ADA accessible doors before classes begin.  Next they return and clear additional entrances and widen sidewalk/stairways.  If snow is still falling crews continue to make rounds but snow may accumulate on previously cleared walks and roads in the interim.

Curtailment Process

When is curtailment normally announced?

Clearly this is storm dependent, but if it is an overnight storm we will try to announce any curtailment by 4 AM. For daytime storms, we will attempt to provide 2 hours of advance notice and will align close times with class schedules where possible.

What is the number to the UNH Storm Info line?


Does UNH consider the local road conditions in Curtailed decisions?

Yes.  UNH operates a large fleet of buses and obtains regular information from those drivers as to local conditions. The safety of our students, faculty, staff and our buses is an important consideration.

UNH Events, Services and Academics

What are Dining Hall hours during curtailed operations?

Philbrook and Holloway Commons will open 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on curtailed days.  All other venues are closed until normal UNH operations resume.

Does WildCat Transit run during curtailed periods?


Does WildCat Transit run during delayed openings?

Transit will begin 1 hour prior to the delayed opening and will continue 1 hour beyond curtailed announcements.

Are public events held during Curtailed Operations?

Events such as scheduled intercollegiate games, concerts, theatre performances and other activities with pre-sold tickets will make their own decisions to cancel or not. Generally, scheduled intercollegiate games do not cancel.  If UNH staff members have an event that has been approved to continue during curtailed periods they should call 862-1437 to advise the snow crews.

What Buildings are open during curtailed?

Generally Holloway and Philbrook Dining Halls, MUB, Library, the Whittemore Center, Hamel Rec and the Field House will open at various times during curtailed operations (view the UNH Storm page for more information).  If Faculty or staff need access to a building not listed above they must connect with their Supervisor to seek approval for a card swipe or issuance of an exterior door key for your building.  Other than the buildings listed above, campus buildings remain locked during curtailed periods and Security, Facilities and Custodial personnel are not authorized to open or unlock doors during curtailed periods.

Is Health Services open during curtailed periods?


Can I hold class on a curtailed day if I contact my students and they are all on campus?

As noted above, most campus buildings remain locked during curtailed periods. Support staff and service personal are not available. Classes should not be held.