Asset Renewal & Improvements

Asset Renewal and Management provides continuous evaluation and strategic prioritization of reinvestment efforts into critical facility operating systems and infrastructure, in an effort to maintain and support the overall mission of the University of New Hampshire.  A balanced tier target reinvestment approach focused on mission critical systems to facilitate the uninterrupted education and housing of students on campus.  Asset Management also provides real estate, land, and lease management for all real property owned by the University.

Mike Mason, Director
Scott Healey, Asset Planner and  Electrical Inspector
Todd Webber, Asset Planner

Institutional R&R Projects

Repair and Renovation (R&R) Management

The Deferred Maintenance Database (DMD) is a fluid listing of project submittals which will change from month to month as campus wide repairs are identified and prioritized within each General System category. 

SARRC Approved and prioritized R&R Projects by Fiscal Year:


The University Committee on Real Property Acquisition and Disposal (RPAD*) will work jointly, as determined by the Chair of the RPAD, with the Advisory Committee on Land and Property Use (ACLPU**) as well as, third parties external to the University community, regarding stewardship associated with the acceptance of potential gifts, acquisitions and or disposal of real property.



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Net Asset Value Compared to Peers