EcoCat Vehicle Selection Calculator

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Replacement vehicle costs in a lifecycle framework. 

The calculator is an excel spreadsheet that facilitates wise fiscal and environmental decision making regarding campus mobility needs. The tool incorporates vehicle price, MPG, and CO2 emissions to calculate full lifecycle costs and emissions.  The spreadsheet allows users to customize fuel costs, annual mileage, and purchase price assumption.  It is pre-populated with a variety of vehicle classes currently useful for the university fleet.  The new update supports UNH fleet and private vehicle buyers.  Customize with your own vehicle choices. 

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Final update February 2018 with MY 2018 vehicles. 

Looking for more updated vehicle comparisons?  Find out how a car compares to climate targets — and to other cars — based on its emissions and costs.

Before purchasing a vehicle for your department

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    Let our team help you  review your current utilization and needs and identify best options for UNH fleet vehicles.
  • If a new or replacement vehicles is needed - consider the benefits of alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) for UNH Fleet.
    • Compressed natural gas (CNG) is currently $1.65 (Jan. 2018) per gal with a high speed refueling station here on campus.
    • B20 runs cleaner than conventional diesel and is also available on campus.
    • Electrics and hybrids produce the lowest emissions and have the highest mpg ratings
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    Incorporate Zipcar into your transportation plans to cycle out low utilization fleets and control costs/mile. Departmental accounts are free.
  • Consider more sustainable transport for on-campus use, such as departmental bicycles.   UNH Bike Program
  • For passenger sedans, UNH strives to purchase 4 cylinder vehicles which get >30 MPG combined EPA.
  • Use life-cycle in evaluating your final decision.

To find out more about Electrics and other AFV's: 

The US Department of Energy maintains the best single source of Alternative Fuel and vehicle selection information.

US Department of Energy's Vehicle Calculator