Maintenance Requests

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Maintenance requests are repairs or services made to existing UNH buildings and systems.  For example, replacing a light bulb, fixing a sticky door a leaky pipe or drafty window. The Operations Teams consist of professionals in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, HVAC and general maintenance.  If you have a personal, medical or health concern which may be impacted by the work to repair your service request, please include this information entering your request.  Maintenance requests can be made by phone, email or online at  ReADY request (see above).

  • You can easily find, submit, communicate and track the progress of your requests in one place. Smart request forms ensure that each request has the information necessary to properly prioritize, plan, and schedule its execution.
  • A single, mobile-friendly interface allows request services 24/7 from any device using your SSO login.
  • Consistent updates on requests in ReADY Request or via email with opt out abilities.

Maintenance requests may also be made by  telephone or email.

Project Requests

Project requests may be made by phone, email or our online form.  The Facilities Control Center routes this information on to the Facilities Project Management team.

Project requests are renovations, upgrades, new installations or repairs and replacement of large or expensive equipment.  Project work is funded differently than maintenance requests and are typically paid for by the requesting UNH department.

Please be prepared to supply: a contact name,  building location and project description. A Project Manager will contact you to begin your planning and construction process. 

Grounds & Events

Confidential Material Removal

To arrange for confidential material removal send an email to the Facilities Control Center containing the following information: contact name, telephone number, building, room, quantity of materials to be disposed of.  

Learn more about Confidential Material Removal

Special Event Needs

To arrange special event needs send an email to or call 603-862-1437  Additional details provided below

Learn more about Special Event Requests



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Air Conditioner Request

Please fill out the  AC request form and email to the with