Facilities Recognition Program

The Facilities Recognition Program is a recognition program created exclusively for Facilities staff that is appreciative, inspiring, and fun! Our objective is to show appreciation for Facilities employees who demonstrate above and beyond job performance and commitment to the University. 

Recognition Categories

There are six recognition categories to nominate an employee for including one group/team award. 

Customer Service Superstar Award 

This award recognizes an individual who engages customers and provides outstanding service. Award recipients have demonstrated actions that exceed our service expectations by speaking and listening openly and respectfully, making a good impression on others, and establishing confidence in the reputation of UNH Facilities.  

Saved the Day Award

This award recognizes the contributions of an individual whose actions represented Facilities during a specific event that required a "hero-like" response.

Shout Out Award

As a peer-to-peer recognition, recipients of this award best exemplify the respectful way we treat each other and the way we value UNH.  This person demonstrates the spirit of internal support by sharing time, experience, tools, providing assistance to, and knowledge with others. 

Team Impact Award 

We are members of one team and this award recognizes the accomplishments of a team who have collaborated towards a common goal by sharing information and resources that contributed to the success of our Division.  The team may be formally established (a task forced) or informally established (volunteers to assist with an emergency).

Creative Contributor Award

This award recognizes those who have taken personal ownership to solve problems by creating, improving, or enhancing a service, workflow, program, or process thus contribution positively to the Facilities Division. 

MVP Award

This award recognizes an individual who has embraced their role as a campus steward and who has demonstrated outstanding achievements, exceeded expectations, and has shown us how to be the best we can be! Additionally, this person is dependable and consistent hard worker who has made exceptional positive team contributions.

Nominators will need to select one of the categories for the nomination and be prepared to provide a summary and examples to support the nomination.


Who is Eligible

The following Facilities staff will be eligible, including:

  • UNH benefitted
  • UNH hourly
  • ABM 
  • All levels of Facilities management
  • New hires (no waiting periods)

To be eligible, the employee must also be in good standing – meaning not in a formal disciplinary status. 

Who can submit nominations? 

Anyone from the University community can submit a nomination for a Facilities employee.  Facilities employees can nominate other Facilities employees, including co-workers.

Program runs 3 times per year -

Nominations for this round are due September 16, 2022 

What should I nominate someone for?

There are six recognition categories to nomination an employee for – see the Recognition Categories section.  Select the one category that you feel is most appropriate for the recognition.  You will then be asked to provide a brief summary of why you are recognizing this employee and to provide examples to support the nomination.  The more information and examples you provide will assist the recognition committee in making their decisions!

Where do I find the nomination form?

The recognition form can be found  here -  Simply download to your computer/tablet/phone.  Fill out the form and hit submit. 

What happens after I submit a nomination?

Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year and will be presented for consideration at the next  recognition committee meeting.  

Reminders will be sent out before the committee meeting to request any additional nominations during the recognition period.

When does the person know that he/she was nominated?

The nomination you submit will be held until the next  recognition committee meeting.  

The recognition committee will select the award recipients for the period.  All employees who receive a nomination will be notified that they have been recognized and will be invited to a celebratory ice cream social.  Award recipients will be honored at the social.  

Award recipients will be featured in the Facilities Newsletter and also mentioned during the next All Hands Meeting.

I am interested in joining the recognition committee, how do I find out more information?

The recognition committee is open to all employees in Facilities.  Contact Meghan Proctor in HR for more information on how to join!

Nomination Form

This form will be submitted to a Committee Member.  Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis and will be presented for consideration at the next recognition committee meeting.

Online nomination form

Tips for submitting a nomination

When nominating someone for recognition, please be specific and include as much details as possible.  The recognition committee members vote on each individual nomination received and their votes are based on the content of the nomination form.  Therefore, the more information you include in your nomination stating the reason for the nomination will assist the committee in the voting process.


Awards will be distributed to recipients by the recognition committee members.   


Please contact Sara Blake in HR or a current committee member with questions.

Current committee members :

  • Dano Clifford
  • Dan Coughlin
  • Anna Dulude
  • Mikayla Stuart
  • Don Howard
  • William Janelle
  • Jeremiah Johnson
  • Blaine Cox
  • Jubin Mathai
  • Chris Rogers
  • Rodger Shosa
  • Mike Ury
    Ken Weston
  • Abigail Wyatt