Facilities Control Center: (603) 862-1437

Call us for any and all Facilities-related requests, including:

  • Project management
  • Maintenance
  • Energy (including heating and cooling issues)
  • And more

For non-emergency issues, please enter service requests to FAMIS.

If you have a personal, medical or health concern which may be impacted by the work to repair your service request, please include this information when calling in your request to 862-1437 or in the “Description of work” in the self-service form.  Include a best form of contact.

  • Grounds  has begun to reseed Kingbury's south facing lawn with a more sustainable drought resistant and wear tolerant species of grass
    Kingsbury south facing lawn getting a makeover
  • Drone Image of the Water Treatment Plant a collaboration between UNH and the Town of Durham
    The replacement Water Treatment Plant current construction image
  • UNH Durham Train Station Expansion
    UNH Durham Train Station Expansion
  • Demolition of 11 Brook Way
    Demolition of 11 Brookway

Welcome to UNH Facilities

The UNH Facilities Division provides comprehensive services to the UNH campus through our four units: Campus Planning, Energy and UtilitiesFacilities Services and Facilities Project Management.

Our Mission Statement

UNH Facilities are stewards of the University campus, providing a safe, accessible and attractive physical environment while efficiently using resources and planning for the future needs of the University.

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