Below is a list of resources for both students and faculty
to support writing across UNH

"Writers learn they usually have to write badly to write well... The wrong words lead to the not-so-wrong words, and then almost right words may reveal the right words." ~Don Murray

UNH Writing Support:

AI Usage:

General References and Additional Support:

Graduate Student Resources 

  • A link to the SAGE publishers resource page with a collection of books pertaining to many stages of the graduate writing experience (from dissertation proposals to defense, data collection, research design, etc.).
  • A link to the WAC Clearinghouse text on "Re-Imagining Doctoral Writing

  • Basic Needs Support - Provides students with assistance and access to food, laptops, meal swipes, emergency finances, etc. 
  • Center for Academic Resources (CFAR) - CFAR provides study training, drop-in tutoring, and study groups for selected courses (often math, science, and business courses). CFAR also offers individual academic mentoring for eligible students. 
  • Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CEITL) - Offers a rich collection of resources, information, and expertise to support the university's mission of enhancing student learning through the continual improvement of teaching.
  • Career and Professional Success (CaPS) - The CaPS helps students identify interests, skills, and values that lead to a major and a post-UNH experience. They assist students with writing resumes and cover letters, finding jobs or internships, and applying to graduate school. 
  • Student Accessibility Services (SAS) - Accessibility Services assists students with documented disabilities (physical, medical, LD or ADD/ADHD, psychological, or chronic illness) by providing appropriate accommodations and support within the university environment.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Institute - The ESL Institute is designed for students who want to develop their English language skills and learn more about American culture. ESL courses are offered at UNH during the summer and the academic year. 
  • The Waysmeet Center - Home to the Cornucopia Food Pantry, a living community, and a gathering place for UNH students, faculty, staff and community members.
  • CWC Campus Resources Handout- The handout contains a list of additional campus resources not listed on the website. 

Video and PowerPoint Resources

Handouts for oral presentations

Some useful Web Resources

  • American Rhetoric, a huge database of speeches (many with video), both from the "real world" and from the movies. 

And remember that the Connors Writing Center will conference with you about your URC or GRC presentations.

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The Peer Response Presentation

The two videos below are recordings of the skits we use during peer response presentations. Between each skit, we engage the class in a discussion about the effectiveness of each response session. We've also included the two handouts we bring to classes for the peer response presentation: first, a copy of the essay from the videos so that the class can follow along; second, a handout of tips for approaching peer response sessions.

Writing Support at UNH

  • Faculty development and support with the University Writing Programs (consultations, workshops, community of colleagues, classroom visits, and more).
  • WI Faculty Retreat, sponsored annually by the Dey Family gift fund. 
  • Train your TA on how to give writing feedback. Training sessions provided by the Writing Across the Curriculum office. 

Online Writing Instruction Resources

Teaching with Technology and AI

Faculty Resource Compilations

Teaching Tools and Guides

Rubrics and Feedback

Collaborative/Group Writing

Mechanics & Correctness (Preview Carefully and Incorporate Selectively)

Contribute to the UNH Writing Programs


Provide your support to the UNH Writing Programs by contributing to the Dey Family Fund, an endowment established in 2001 by the generous spirit of the Dey Family with the purpose of supporting writing across the curriculum at the University of New Hampshire. These funds allow for opportunities to sustain and grow the Connors Writing Center as well as fulfill avenues of faculty development, such as the annual WI Faculty Retreat.

To give to this fund, please designate your contribution to the "Dey Family Fund" by writing in "Dey" in selection of fund. Or, if you are using the dropdown menu, select "College of Liberal Arts">"Academic Depts">"English">"Dey Family Fund." We appreciate your support of encouraging the ongoing development of writing at UNH across the campus!