CWC and Faculty

How does the writing center work with faculty?  

The CWC is a student resource. We help students learn about writing, the writing process, and revision. Faculty often play an important role in helping students become aware of the Writing Center and the work we do. 

Faculty can help promote the writing center by inviting us into your classroom to advertise our services. These classroom presentations include

  1. The Writing Center Introduction:  A 10-minute presentation introducing students to the writing center and its resources.  
  2. The Peer Response Presentation:  A 30-40 minute presentation introducing students to peer response through two skits of peer response sessions and class discussion. 
If interested in scheduling a classroom presentation

Submit an Outreach Request


Faculty may also find the numerous resources on our website useful for instruction.  

An Important Note: While the CWC's work often helps support the writing students do in specific classes, the CWC is not a course-based tutoring service. We ask faculty not to require their classes to visit the writing center, nor offer extra-credit or an incentive for a CWC writing conference, because we are unable to accommodate the demand a few such incentives can create.  

If faculty are interested in specific ways to support writing in their courses, they should contact Meaghan Dittrich. The University Writing Program consults with faculty on teaching writing and teaching with writing.  

For more information about the CWC’s approach and policies, contact the Director of the Connors Writing Center.