OWL Submissions

The  Online Writing Lab (OWL) assists students via asynchronous remote collaboration with qualified writing assistants. The OWL is not an editing or manuscript preparation service. Feedback may include reference to mechanics on the submitted paper, but it will be targeted to bring attention to patterns and issues in order to help the writer self-correct the paper and carry forward lessons to improve future writing.

 Submit a Paper

OWL Login screen

Students in all fields of study can submit up to 20 double-spaced pages of any form of writing, including course papers, resumes, creative essays, or personal statements.  Within 72 hours, writing assistants provide feedback  that can be printed or viewed on screen. The OWL is accessible through any computer that has an Internet connection and Microsoft Word. 

The OWL is a student resource.  It is not structured to be incorporated as an integral step in a writing assignment for an entire class. Faculty may best use the OWL by bringing it to the attention of students as a resource that they can use to help them with their writing process as they work on assignments. 


To submit a paper, please sign in at unh.mywconline.com and select the

"Online Writing Lab" schedule



E-mail: cwc.owl@unh.edu