Meet the OWL Staff

Megan Leonard

Megan Leonard began volunteering as a writing assistant in high school, and she has been a believer in the Writing Center model of peer conferring ever since.  She earned her MFA in creative writing from UNH in 2013, and her most recent poetry publication includes her chapbook, Where The Body Ends, from Platypus Press. She also has a certificate in ESOL instruction and adult education, and she taught non-native English speakers in writing and other subjects for over ten years.  Megan also works as an editor and writing coach for post-graduate writers and researchers, and she loves the great variety of writing and topics she encounters with the OWL and with her freelance work. She looks forward to reading YOUR work and helping you meet your writing goals.

Jessica Terzakis

Jessica Terzakis began working at the Connors Writing Center in 2008 and enjoyed collaborating with students so much that she joined the OWL in 2010 after graduating.  Since then, she completed her master's degree and taught high school English for five years.  Presently, she works for a small business consulting firm in southern New Hampshire.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, practicing yoga, and spending time with family and friends.

staff photo for Ervin

Ervin Brown is a twenty-one-year-old storyteller and poet from Coney Island. At fifteen, he got accepted to study at Bard College and left high school. His fiction, poetry, essays, and wildlife photography have been published in nearly twenty literary magazines on three continents and on Amazon. In 2023, he was inducted into the Poets & Writers Directory, supported by the National Endowment for the Arts. He is currently a master's student in the writing program and works in both the Connors Writing Center and the Online Writing Lab.