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You are not alone.

SHARPP is one of many resources available to you here at UNH. This page details other on- and off-campus resources, including offices & departments, community organizations, non-profits, and websites.

Sexual Harassment & Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP)

Learn more about SHARPP's services and confidentiality, as well as ways to access us.

Psychological and Counseling Services (PACS)

PACS is the primary mental health facility on campus. They provide individual and couples counseling (in-person or telehealth), therapy groups, crisis & emergency services, psychiatric services, and educational workshops/trainings. PACS is located in Smith Hall and can be reached at (603) 862-2090.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness is an integrated health and wellness facility. They provide primary medical care as well as STI testing, gender-affirming care, pregnancy testing & options counseling, immunizations, chronic illness support, and more. In addition, Living Well Services offers wellness coaching, integrative mind-body services (such as massage), sexual well-being workshops, nutrition education/counseling, substance use counseling, and more. Health & Wellness is located across Main Street from Holloway Commons (and right next to SHARPP) and can be reached at (603) 862-9355.

The Aulbani J. Beauregard Center for Equity, Justice, and Freedom

The Beauregard Center (TBC) is committed to working collaboratively with the whole UNH community to create a more inclusive, equitable, and socially just campus through education, advising, advocacy, and community building. Through the lens of intersectionality, the center works closely with underrepresented and ally students to empower their development and growth in order to thrive socially and academically. They also work with faculty, staff, and administrators around issues concerning campus climate. TBC is located in the Memorial Union Building (MUB) Rm. 120 and can be reached at (603) 862-5204.

Civil Rights & Equity Office (CREO)

CREO is responsible for overseeing the University's compliance efforts with regard to affirmative action, Title IX, disability laws & regulations, equal employment, and campus initiatives aimed at creating a diverse, welcoming, & equitable community. CREO houses UNH's Title IX Coordinator, who handles reports and formal complaints of interpersonal violence. Reports of interpersonal violence, discrimination, bias or hate crimes, and retaliation can be made directly to the Title IX Coordinator, or they can be submitted through the Incident Report Form (which allows for identified or anonymous reporting). CREO is located in Thompson Hall (T-Hall) and can be reached at (603) 862-2930.

Community Standards (OCS)

OCS supports and enforces standards of behavior designed to foster an environment of civility and respect where both rights and responsibilities are deeply valued and highly cherished. The office respects the integrity of students by protecting their rights and ensuring fairness through the enforcement of University policies and regulations. OCS is located in Hitchcock Hall and can be reached at (603) 862-1427.

UNH Police Department (UPD)

UPD exists to provide 24/7 public safety services to the UNH community including law enforcement, crime prevention & suppression, emergency response, investigation, and information. They are located at 18 Waterworks Road and can be reached at (603) 862-1427 (911 for emergencies).

Human Resources (HR)

Faculty and staff who wish to report unethical conduct or policy/procedure violations can do so through UNH HR. Each department has an HR partner who can assist with your concern or point you in the direction of other resources. 

Military & Veteran Services (MVS)

UNH MVS' mission is to provide the highest quality service and support to student veterans, service members, and other military-affiliated students such as dependents. Their services include assistance with processing military educational benefits, coordinating annual events, and providing a comfortable space for student veterans, service members, and other military-affiliated students to study and socialize, which includes veteran-only on-campus housing options. MVS is located in Hood House and can be reached at (603) 862-0643.

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

SAS provides services to students who have permanent or temporary disabilities, including students with physical or learning disabilities and students with health issues (mental or physical) which impact their UNH experience. They seek to create a welcoming, universally accessible environment where all students are able to participate in the myriad aspects of the UNH experience. SAS is located in Smith Hall (Rm. 201) and can be reached at (603) 862-2607.

Off-Campus Engagement (OCE)

OCE is focused on supporting students who do not reside in University-managed housing, whether in Durham or beyond. They are in regular communication with partners such as the business association, landlords association, PD, & fire departments. OCE seeks to serve and advise commuter students in order to build community, connect to resources, and meet their multifaceted & specific needs. OCE also oversees UNH's fraternity & sorority life programs. OCE is located in the MUB (Suite 114) and can be reached here or at (603) 862-1002.

Basic Needs Support

UNH can support students who are facing challenges related to food, housing, and financial security. Visit this page to learn more about the resources and assistance available.

Student Life & Dean of Students

Don't see what you're looking for? There are many additional resources across the division of Student Life and UNH's Dean of Students is also here to help and support.

uSafeUS® App

Logo for the uSafeUS mobile app

uSafeUS is a free and confidential app with easy-to-use tools to help students in uncomfortable situations at parties or bars. It also helps students find help on- and off-campus (for themselves or friends) in the aftermath of sexual violence and harassment. Students can download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital (WHD)

WDH is located in Dover, NH and is the closest hospital to the UNH-Durham campus. SHARPP works closely with WDH to provide support to survivors who utilize the hospital for medical care and/or rape kit examinations. WDH is also the after-hours provider for UNH students when Health & Wellness is closed and a student's medical care cannot wait until Health & Wellness is open. WDH is located at 789 Central Ave (Dover, NH 03820) and can be reached at (603) 862-5252.

Durham Police Department (DPD)

DPD's mission is to improve the quality of life by preserving the peace and safety of the community through the formation of partnerships, creating positive interaction between the public and the police while continuing to serve the unique needs of the Durham community. They are located at 86 Dover Road (Route 108) in Durham and can be reached at (603) 868-2324 (911 for emergencies).

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