Programming Resources

SHARPP Training Materials

SHARPP does not distribute prevention programming or training materials (curricula, PowerPoints, etc.) to those outside of our office or who are not trained to present them. In some cases, we can provide abbreviated slides or handouts, and we also make exceptions to accommodate accessibility needs. Where appropriate, we can discuss training topics/approaches or point you in the direction of websites, books, articles, and videos that cover violence prevention. If you have questions, please contact our Prevention Specialist.

Outreach Materials

Not to brag, but SHARPP’s swag is kind of a big deal. We can arrange for you to pick up a supply of outreach materials (brochures, resource cards, highlighter pens, pins, stickers, etc.) for special events or to have on hand. We also bring standard outreach materials plus high-value prizes to many of our interactive tabling activities and lobby programs. Please contact the Outreach & Engagement Coordinator with questions.

Outreach Materials Request Form

Community Educators tabling with Hot Cocoa

SHARPP Bulletin Boards

SHARPP offers ready-made bulletin board materials on topics including consent, bystander intervention, rape culture, healthy relationships, and amplifying Black voices. These are great options for RAs, CAs, Hall Directors, and FSL leaders to display or pair with programming. Contact us to learn more. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can create custom materials upon request with at least 2 weeks’ notice.

Bulletin board flyers examples