UNH is committed to all students having the opportunity for an international experience. We believe it is an essential component of a 21st century education and that it imparts critical academic, professional and life skills. Visit the Why Go Abroad page to learn more. If you think that study abroad is just for other students and you would face too many barriers and challenges, please visit the Myths & Realities page and meet with a study abroad advisor.

Understanding the types of UNH programs will help you to narrow your search by making sure the type of program you choose is important to your experience.

Education Abroad: COVID-19 & Travel Updates

Please see our announcement about travel alerts and updates. Depending on health and safety conditions in a host country, programs may be canceled in accordance with the UNH International Travel Policy.  Contact your Education Abroad advisor with any questions.

Important preparation notes:

  • Countries and/or program providers may require proof of vaccination. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to get fully vaccinated if you have not done so already.

Study Abroad Program Types

Refer to our Program Type Comparison Chart

Managed Programs

  • Developed by UNH faculty; administered by a UNH department
  • Enroll UNH students, although some accept non-UNH students
  • Courses aligned with UNH curricula, making it easy to fulfill requirements
  • Pay UNH tuition, program fees and some UNH fees.  

Exchange Programs

  • Trade places with a student attending a select university abroad or within the US.
  • All courses and services are delivered by the host university
  • For students with strong leadership skills who want an immersion experience studying with local students, relying on local services with no management or oversight by UNH or other U.S. provider
  • Pay UNH tuition, some UNH fees. Pay all local costs directly while abroad.

Approved Programs

  • Managed by professional third-party providers or universities abroad
  • Study abroad with students from across the U.S., or with local students
  • Apply to and pay the provider directly. Some UNH fees apply

International Experience

Internship, Volunteer, Research

  • UNH experiences abroad that do not involve taking formal classes for credit
  • If credit is involved, it is arranged between an individual student and a faculty member typically as an independent study or internship
  • Some UNH fees apply

If you cannot find a program that meets your academic and personal interests, please review the Individual Study Abroad Policy and make an appointment to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor.