Extending Your I-20

The following information outlines the procedures for F-1 students to extend their permission to stay in the U.S.

The program end date on your Form I-20 is the date by which you are expected to complete the requirements for your current program. If you are unable to do so by that date, you will need to request an extension at least 60 days prior to your program end date. Lateness in submitting an extension request will make you ineligible to continue (or to apply for) benefits provided to F-1 students. Employment (even on-campus employment through a scholarship, fellowship or assistantship), applying for transfer to another school, practical training, or other F-1 benefits will be jeopardized.

You may apply for an extension if:

  • You expect to exceed the time limitation indicated in the program end date on your Form I-20, and
  • You have continuously maintained lawful F-1 status, and
  • The delay in completing program requirements has been caused by compelling academic reasons, or compelling and documented medical reasons. Delays in completing program requirements which are caused by academic probation or suspension are not acceptable reasons for extension of an academic program.

Complete and submit OISS's online Program Extension Request eForm at least 60 days prior to the program end date on your Form I-20.

  • Before submitting your eForm, please meet with your Academic Advisor.
    • After you submit your eForm, your advisor will be sent an email notification to approve your request.
  • To submit eForm, login to eOISS.
    • Under the heading F-1 Student Services, choose "Program Extension Request".

After your eForm has been approved by your Academic Advisor, an OISS Advisor will contact you regarding the financial documentation you will need to provide.

After financial documentation has been provided, an OISS Advisor will issue you a new Form I-20 with a revised program end date.

If you have been accepted into a new degree program at UNH, please complete and submit OISS's online Change in Degree Level Request eForm at least 60 days before your current academic program ends.

  • Login to eOISS
    • Under the heading F-1 Student Services, choose "Change in Degree Level Request".

After your eForm has been submitted, an OISS Advisor will issue you a new Form I-20 with your new degree level.