Academic Building Reuses

An important aspect of this Campus Master Plan update has been a study of options for repurposing McConnell Hall once the new business school building is opened in January 2013.  This provides an unusual opportunity for the University to move a number of teaching and research programs to consolidate activities or improve adjacencies in a number of academic buildings through sequences of moves.  These need to be coordinated with upcoming major renovation projects for buildings like Hamilton Smith and Nesmith Hall.  This illustration shows a series of moves that could be accomplished over the next five to 10 years.  Hamilton Smith is anticipated to be the first with a full renovation and occupants moving temporarily to McConnell Hall during construction.  Once Hamilton Smith is completed, Psychology, Sociology and Justice works would move to McConnell.  If funding is delayed for the Hamilton Smith project, we would move Psychology into McConnell with other moves delayed in order to preserve enough space for the Hamilton Smith project swing space needs. Other moves would then fall in behind these.

Aerial photo of UNH Campus looking east