Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS)

Rocket launches into the green Northern Lights.

Research Snapshot: Northern Lights

On a recent night above the Arctic circle in Norway, two rockets carrying equipment designed and built by UNH students and researchers streaked across the sky, cutting through the vivid green aurora — more commonly known as the Northern Lights. These skyward sensations are created when charged... Read More

Recent Stories

  • Watercolor of bow of boat with sun over ocean horizon.
    - Artist At Sea
    A new exhibition at the UNH Museum of Art focuses on ocean research and the collaboration between art and science. Read More
  • Female researcher scoops into large fish tank with net
    - Research Snapshot: Raising Lumpfish
    At UNH’s Coastal Marine Lab in New Castle, N.H., Elizabeth Fairchild raises and researches lumpfish as a potential pest-management solution for the aquaculture industry. Fairchild... Read More
  • A Deeper Dive Into Research
    - A Deeper Dive Into Research
    Five students from Puerto Rico and Mauritius are taking part in an eight-week internship this summer at UNH to conduct marine and oil research.  Read More
  • Plastic bags hang on tree branches just above Chicago River.
    - Tracking the Stream of Plastic
    UNH researchers have received a grant to study how much plastic stays within rivers instead of washing out to sea. Read More
  • All blue room with acoustic pyramid-shaped foam
    - Research Snapshot: Eerie Quiet
    Stanley Ellis, a research engineer with UNH’s Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, tests a detector inside Morse Hall’s anechoic chamber, a room lined with pyramid... Read More
  • Autonomous boat under a dramatic sunrise
    - Research Snapshot: ASV BEN
    In June, UNH’s Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center’s autonomous surface vehicle Bathymetric Explorer and Navigator — ASV BEN — traveled Lake Huron,... Read More
  • UNH Researchers Receive $1.2M Grant to Study Seasonal Soil Freeze and Thaw
    - UNH Researchers Receive $1.2M Grant to Study Seasonal Soil Freeze and Thaw
    The frost heaves that turn New England roads and their drivers into a bumpy, grumpy mess are one of many consequences of the seasonal soil freeze and thaw cycle that impacts about... Read More
  • An artist's rendering of the R/V Narragansett Dawn
    - Narragansett Dawn
    A new ocean-going vessel co-operated by UNH has been given the name Narragansett Dawn. Read More
  • Jaya Roperez and Rochelle Wigley stand on a dock in front of the DSSV Pressure Drop vessel.
    - Undersea Discoveries
    When scientists discovered the world’s deepest-known shipwreck and explored the trenches in the lowest points of the ocean this spring, they relied on detailed seafloor maps... Read More
  • Erik Hobbie stands with a colleague at the Qingyuan Experimental Station in China.
    - International Fellow
    UNH research scientist Erik Hobbie has been awarded two fellowships to continue his stable isotope research abroad in China and Austria. Read More