Students in a computer science class at UNH Manchester

Explore Computing and Analytics

Discover how UNH Manchester's majors in analytics and data science, computer information systems and computer science prepare you for a career in the high-demand tech industry at our virtual info session on March 9 at 5:30 p.m. Read More

Recent Stories

  • aerial view of campus in the snow
    - Racism In Science
    There is data that supports the racism that’s at play when more Black people than white are stopped while driving. Or denied housing in an area despite the fact that redlining... Read More
  • Professor James Ramsay, Ph.D., will lead a virtual info session about UNH's homeland security program on March 2.
    - Explore Homeland Security
    Discover how UNH's homeland security program prepares you to identify and address challenges of national and international significance at our virtual info session on March 2 at 5... Read More
  • group of students outside clinic where COVID vaccines were given
    - Helping to End the Fear
    Early in December, when the state of New Hampshire was expecting its first shipments of COVID-19 vaccines, officials sought help with distribution. Volunteers who would assist... Read More
  • Students rock climbing for therapy
    - The Wilderness As Therapy
    Getting outside can do more for teens than keep them physically fit. It can also be good for them mentally. UNH’s Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Center will receive $2.97 million... Read More
  • Communication Arts students use film equipment at UNH Manchester
    - Explore Communication Arts
    Discover how UNH Manchester's communication arts program prepares you with the skills and experience to turn your passion into a profession at our virtual info session on February... Read More
  • Students in class at UNH Manchester
    - Get Down to Business
    Discover how UNH Manchester's business program prepares you with the skills and connections to become a successful, innovative leader at our virtual info session on February 24 at... Read More
  • The Kids Are Alright?
    - The Kids Are Alright?
    Researchers from UNH's Crimes against Children Research Center report on child maltreatment trends. Read More
  • Life Goes On
    - Life Goes On
    Take a look at what UNH students, faculty and staff have been doing since COVID changed everything a year ago. Read More
  • Rachel McCann '21
    - Fully Immersed
    In a normal year, nursing students begin their senior practicum during the last semester before they graduate. But as COVID-19 has repeatedly proven, nothing has been normal since... Read More
  • Laurie Shaffer, lecturer of ASL/English interpreting at UNH Manchester, working with students
    - Explore ASL/English Interpreting
    Discover how UNH Manchester's ASL/English Interpreting program prepares you with the skills and connections for a career in the Deaf community and interpreting field at our... Read More