Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS)

Recent Stories

  • Ring of mushrooms in a suburban law
    - Climate Clues in Mushrooms
    Mushrooms are helping tell UNH researchers about rising carbon dioxide concentrations. Read More
  • solar flares on the sun (NASA / SDO)
    - Cloudy with a Chance of Ions
    Photo: NASA/SDOCall it the meteorological equivalent of going from black and white television to ultra-high-definition color. In November, state-of-the-art space weather... Read More
  • tree branch with buds
    - Is Spring Getting Longer?
    With the first day of spring around the corner, temperatures are beginning to rise, ice is melting and the world around us is starting to blossom. Scientists sometimes refer to... Read More
  • UNH professor Scott Ollinger
    - Excellence in Ecology
    UNH ranks second nationally in ecological research, scholarship. Read More
  • a black hole eating a dying star
    - Feeding Frenzy
    A giant black hole ripped apart a nearby star and then continued to feed off its remains for close to a decade, according to research led by UNH. This black hole meal is more than... Read More
  • UNH interim dean of CEPS Charles Zercher
    - Faculty News
    Associate dean Charles “Chuck” Zercher has been named interim dean of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. The associate dean for academic affairs since 2014, he... Read More
  • Flooded road in New Hampshire town
    - The Soggy Truth
    Political ideology is the strongest predictor of survey respondents' perceptions of climate and weather.Since 2005, New Hampshire has experienced an increase in the frequency and... Read More
  • UNH EOS director Harlan Spence
    - UCAR Board
    Harlan Spence has been elected to serve as a member of the board of trustees of the UCAR. Read More
  • Telescope image of space, with bright yellow and bright purple objects highlighted
    - Rogue Black Hole
    UNH researcher Dacheng Lin has discovered a massive black hole “wandering” at edge of its galaxy. Read More
  • Colorful image of Van Allen radiation belts around Earth
    - Van Allen Discovery
    UNH researchers have captured unique measurements of the Van Allen radiation belts that circle the Earth during an extremely rare solar wind event. The findings, which have never... Read More