Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS)

Erik Hobbie stands with a colleague at the Qingyuan Experimental Station in China.

International Fellow

UNH research scientist Erik Hobbie has been awarded two fellowships to continue his stable isotope research abroad in China and Austria. Read More

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  • Diane Foster
    - Taking the Helm
    Diane Foster, professor of mechanical and ocean engineering, is new leader of UNH's School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering. Read More
  • Student works on vacuum chamber in UNH's Space Science Center.
    - Top Tier
    UNH has risen to the top echelon of research universities in the country. Read More
  • Hydrographic Hall of Fame
    - Hydrographic Hall of Fame
    Andy Armstrong, the NOAA co-director of UNH's Joint Hydrographic Center, was honored by the Hydrographic Society of America. Read More
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    - The Spirit of Collaboration
    Jennifer Jacobs is passionate about bringing people together to tackle the big issues affecting communities— from our water supply to our roadways, she’s helping to advance the... Read More
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    - In The Weeds
    Invasive seaweeds that have found a foothold in the Gulf of Maine could change the way predators and prey interact. Read More
  • Car driving on flooded roadway
    - Climate Change Woes
    UNH professor Jennifer Jacobs was a lead author on the landmark Fourth National Climate Assessment released recently by 13 government agencies. Read More
  • Larry Mayer sits on dock near research vessel.
    - A World-Class Honor
    The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has elected Larry Mayer as a foreign member. Read More
  • Giant glacier
    - New Study from Ryan Cassotto '18G Explains Quirky Glacial Behavior (CIRES)
    Research conducted while Cassotto studied at UNH published in Journal of Glaciology. Read More