Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS)

Tiny satellite floats above Earth in between much larger space science equipment.

Small Wonder

A new UNH study found that small satellites can be just as effective in performing important space science missions as their larger counterparts.  Read More

Recent Stories

  • Image of sun with solar wind
    - Solar Explorers
    NASA has selected two teams featuring UNH researchers for its new heliophysics mission concept studies.  Read More
  • New Arctic Ocean map has been released
    - A Better View Below
    UNH scientists have helped to publish the most detailed map to date of the Arctic Ocean seafloor. Read More
  • Ruth Varner in Stordalen Mire in Sweden
    - Emerging Science
    UNH will receive $3.6 million to examine the climate change effect on ecosystems.  Read More
  • NASA logo
  • GIS map indicating groundwater rise due to sea level rise
    - More Than Maps
    NH GRANIT reaffirms its commitment to curating geographic data, helping communities, and shaping students' careers.  Read More
  • Icebreaker cuts through sea ice.
    - Charting a Course Ahead
    The Joint Hydrographic Center has received a five-year, $38.5 million grant to continue their work in ocean mapping. Read More
  • Satellite-image-of-2019-wildfires-in-Amazon
    - Smoke on the Water
    UNH researchers will study Amazonia's wildfire history from thousands of years ago to understand how fire might affect the region in the future. Read More
  • Mind the (Data) Gaps
    - Mind the (Data) Gaps
    Gaps in available data impede our understanding of heavy metals in Alaskan soils that can harm human health, a team of UNH researchers have found. Read More
  • Portrait of marine researcher Jennifer Miksis-Olds with ocean in background
    - Sage of the Sea
    To celebrate World Oceans Day June 8, Jennifer Miksis-Olds will participate in an ocean-themed quiz bowl against high school champions. Read More
  • Two CubeSats designed by UNH researchers.
    - Solar Focus
    Scientists from the UNH Space Science Center are gearing up to offer students a new hands-on research experience that's out of this world. Read More