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UNH researcher Win Watson

A Deep Dive on a Keystone Species

Horseshoe crabs’ blue blood, valuable in the biomedical industry, saves lives. Watch how UNH professor Win Watson and graduate student Meghan Owings are helping save horseshoe crabs. Read More
UNH professor Art Greenberg
The American Chemical Society has named Arthur Greenberg one of its 2017 Fellows. Read More
Kate Guerdat working with children in the 4-H program
In her new role, Kate Guerdat will help shape the direction of 4-H in the state and region. Read More
Arthur Mathieson
UNH and University of South Florida researchers have published a new book about the seaweeds of the Northwest Atlantic. Read More
Jaime Nolan
Updates on actions that have been taken in response to events of hate and racism in May 2017. Read More

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