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Solar flare bursts away from the surface of the sun.

Searching for Answers

UNH will receive $906,055 from NSF ANSWERS to build on its existing strengths in space weather research and education. Read More

Recent Stories

  • Illustration of sun, blue space plasma waves, and the Earth.
    - Solar Windfall
    UNH researchers have been selected to lead a NASA mission with a budget of $250 million to understand how the sun impacts the space environment around the Earth. Read More
  • Glaciers in Arctic ocean
    - From the Sea to the Stars
    Researchers Atsushi Matsuoka and Fabian Kislet will explore carbon cycling in the ocean and X-rays in space with two National Science Foundation grants. Read More
  • Adrika Dasgupta works on space detectors in a lab.
    - Research Snapshot: Space Rays
    Researchers are testing different detector designs to learn how elements form during supernova explosions in space.  Read More
  • Black and white image of three lightning strikes next to one another.
    - A Striking Discovery
    A new study from UNH reveals how lightning actually begins within a storm cloud.  Read More
  • In a Class of Their Own
    - In a Class of Their Own
    Steve Frolking and Roy Torbert have been elected to the 2021 Class of Fellows of the American Geophysical Union.  Read More
  • Two exhibits featuring posters and computer kiosks at a museum.
    - An Out Of This World Experience
    High school students collaborated with UNH scientists to create a museum exhibit about humans in space.  Read More
  • van allen belts around the Earth.
    - Space Waves
    UNH researchers have received a $1.62 million grant from NSF to study magnetic waves that impact Earth's radiation belts. Read More
  • All blue room with acoustic pyramid-shaped foam
    - Research Snapshot: Eerie Quiet
    Stanley Ellis, a research engineer with UNH’s Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, tests a detector inside Morse Hall’s anechoic chamber, a room lined with pyramid... Read More
  • A Simple Instrument for Outer Space
    - A Simple Instrument for Outer Space
    UNH researchers have been awarded $50,000 to design a compact, relatively simple space instrument to measure protons in the solar wind. Read More
  • ocean ice floe
    - $3.8 Million For Climate Change, Snow Depth and Space Research
    Three researchers from UNH’s Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space have received grants from different government agencies totaling over $3.8 million. The projects... Read More