Space Science Center

Recent Stories

  • An artist's concept of the MMS mission, with the Earth surrounded by blue magnetic lines and four satellites in space nearby.
    - UNH Space Scientist Secures Four Research Grants Totaling $1.2M
    UNH will receive $1.2 million for its role in four research grants to study space energy transfer and to create 3D space visualizations. Read More
  • Rocket launches into the green Northern Lights.
    - Research Snapshot: Northern Lights
    On a recent night above the Arctic circle in Norway, two rockets carrying equipment designed and built by UNH students and researchers streaked across the sky, cutting through the... Read More
  • Group of 17 students gather in a well-lit room and smile at the camera.
    - For the Greater Good
    A fellowship abroad helped Michael Coughlan hone his machine learning skills while improving the UK's home energy resilience.  Read More
  • Nathan Schwadron sits in a room full of computer equipment and smiles at the camera.
    - Physics Fellow
    UNH physics professor Nathan Schwadron has been elected to the prestigious 2022 Class of Fellows of the American Geophysical Union.  Read More
  • Image of moon above Earth's surface from space.
    - Lunar Launch
    A UNH-built instrument will aid NASA's mission to send astronauts safely back to the moon.   Read More
  • An illustration of space technology and its location on the International Space Station.
    - Another Leap Forward
    UNH researchers have received a $750,000 NASA grant to study gamma ray bursts. Read More
  • Tiny satellite floats above Earth in between much larger space science equipment.
    - Small Wonder
    A new UNH study found that small satellites can be just as effective in performing important space science missions as their larger counterparts.  Read More
  • Solar flare bursts away from the surface of the sun.
    - Searching for Answers
    UNH will receive $906,055 from NSF ANSWERS to build on its existing strengths in space weather research and education. Read More
  • Image of solar flare from the Sun and the Earth surrounded by purple magnetic lines.
    - Space Storms
    UNH researchers will receive $1.1 million to study space weather as part of the Center for Geospace Storms. Read More
  • Aerial image of Jackson Estuarine Lab and Great Bay.
    - Federal Funding
    UNH is set to receive nearly $5.5 million in federal funding to support research, education, and energy resilience in the region. Read More