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One of UNH’s most vital libraries isn’t stocked with books and periodicals. Instead, it’s home to wings and antennae, pincers and stingers. And now, a $4.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) will help make that “library” — along with those of 26 other research institutions —... Read More

Recent Stories

  • Graduate students at lunch
    - Record Turnout for the Winter Writing Retreat
    This January, a record turnout of 70 graduate students gathered for the Graduate School’s annual Winter Writing Retreat. Previously known as the Live Free or Die Writing Boot Camp... Read More
  • Close-up image of North American carpenter bee on black background
    - What’s the Buzz?
    A new study looks at the "almost-social" North American carpenter bee to better understand how honeybees evolved such complex social lives. Read More
  • Acadia stream
    - Into the Woods, Again
    Following a three-year hiatus, the Northeastern States Research Cooperative (NSRC) has been revitalized, thanks to $2 million in funding for the 2020 fiscal year from the U.S.... Read More
  • Andre Brito
    - Big Move Leads to UNH
    Editor's Note: This is the latest installment in a series featuring UNH faculty telling their stories in their own words. André Brito, associate professor, agriculture, nutrition... Read More
  • UNH students pose in classroom
    - UNH Students Assist Farmington, NH with Downtown Revitalization Efforts
    Town's Economic Development Committee benefits from outside perspective of key demographic.  Read More
  • Margaret Frye ‘20 huggin goat
    - Learning to Speak For Those Who Can’t
    Margaret Frye '20 is a veterinary technology major from New Bern, North Carolina. Her childhood dog, Alice, gave her the chance to see firsthand the profound impact that pets can... Read More
  • Eye Spy
    - Eye Spy
    In a recent paper published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, UNH researchers have reported the first structural model for a key enzyme and its activating protein that can... Read More
  • greenhouse worker checking strawberries
  • Rudy and her new calf McGregor at the UNH dairy barns.
    - Meet Baby McGregor
    In December 2018, a few weeks before Christmas, a cow that’s part of the UNH dairy herd got her foot caught in a grate and fell into a manure trench at the Fairchild Dairy... Read More
  • Mary Stampone
    - Love of Everything Outside Set Course
    Editor's Note: This is the latest installment in a series featuring UNH faculty telling their stories in their own words. Mary Stampone, associate professor of geography, state... Read More