College of Life Sciences & Agriculture

UNH researcher Win Watson

A Deep Dive on a Keystone Species

Horseshoe crabs’ blue blood, valuable in the biomedical industry, saves lives. Watch how UNH professor Win Watson and graduate student Meghan Owings are helping save horseshoe crabs. Read More

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    - From Student to Teacher
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    - Building A Team
    When someone gets sick, or is hospitalized, the people charged with his or her care can include doctors, nurses, nutritionists and occupational therapists, among others. Which is... Read More
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    - The Sea Is Her Campus
    Meghan Carr ’17 is no stranger to the plight of sea mammals, and now she's taking her research efforts to the next level. “In September, I will begin graduate school at Dalhousie... Read More
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    - A Study in Sustainability Bennett ’18 will be taking her commitment to sustainability on the road this summer through a 2017 Social innovation... Read More
  • Jordan Garrett '20 and Caitlin Burnett '20
    - The Everyday Life of Climate Change
    The big picture of climate change is often heralded in photos depicting melting ice caps and stranded polar bears or smokestacks tainting the sky with soot. Less well captured are... Read More
  • Researchers at EPA awards ceremony
    - Researchers Honored at EPA Awards Ceremony
    John Aber and Gregg Moore received honors at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Merit Awards ceremony. Read More