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Students in the simulation lab at CHHS

Building A Team

When someone gets sick, or is hospitalized, the people charged with his or her care can include doctors, nurses, nutritionists and occupational therapists, among others. Which is why it makes sense to have the education of those future caregivers include training on how best to work together. To... Read More
UNH's Meghan Carr '17
Meghan Carr ’17 is no stranger to the plight of sea mammals, and now she's taking her research efforts to the next level. “In September, I will begin... Read More
Jordan Garrett '20 and Caitlin Burnett '20
The big picture of climate change is often heralded in photos depicting melting ice caps and stranded polar bears or smokestacks tainting the sky... Read More
Researchers at EPA awards ceremony
John Aber and Gregg Moore received honors at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Merit Awards ceremony. Read More
UNH researcher Matt MacManes
At their core, the findings of recent research led by Matt MacManes seem obvious: Males and females are different. Yet the work disrupts a long-held... Read More

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